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Responsive Ready

Built to be optimized on any viewing device, your content will always look crisp and clear.

Pixel Perfect Presentation

Your media will work on any retina device guaranteeing an excellent viewing experience of your site at all times.

Be Social

We have went to the effort to make your site as interactive as possible with your audience, from inbuilt sharing features, to full sharing plugin widget support to our own custom instagram plugin allowing you to share your feed as a page or throughout your site content
Stay Unique
Customize layouts, colors, fonts, logo branding and content easily anytime to share your work effortlessly to your audience.

Synchronize lightroom & WordPress Galleries

Our latest feature to the Flothemes experience. FloLight our Lightroom extension aims to improve your workflow, allowing you to upload blog posts and galleries directly from Lightroom to your site.

Already a Flothemes user? Great the plug-in is free for all existing Flothemes users, click on the link below to get yours today.
Works on and with Lightroom CC2014 or CC2015
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Flothemes are packed full of features allowing you full control over your site, everything from fonts, colors to layout options for each page is available for your blog and portfolio all in one simple blog and portfolio package.

Yours Forever. One time fee

Thats right, pay once and its your for life. We also offer free updates and free support on theme issues.

Full Visual Customization

With the ability to change fonts, colors, logos and layouts you can be sure that your Flothemes will stand out from the crowd.

Full List of Font Options

With over 150+ free fonts built into the theme there are plenty of options to make it your own. Have branding and custom fonts, no problem, you can upload and use them too.

Automatic Updates

WordPress has been updated? New updated on IOS and Android? No problem, we keep up to date with the latest web standards and even better, updates are free at the click of a button.

Full Video Slider Support

All our themes offer the possibility to add video to slideshows responsively. There is also a responsive short-code allowing you to add video anywhere on your site.

WordPress Powered

With over 74 million websites using WordPress you can be sure that your on the right CMS for your website needs.
Trusted by The Most Talented Creatives:
Jennifer Moher
Flothemes will always and forever be my website of choice. Their customer service alone is worth all the money in the world, but along with that, they are constantly updating their beautiful themes and they just keep getting better and better. I have never been happier with a website!
Trusted by The Most Talented Creatives:
Jonas Peterson
I’ve used the same template for my website since I started, I’ve kept it simple and it has served me extremely well. But for a while now I’ve wanted something new, something that looks great on all devices and works no matter what, because my previous site really…didn’t.

After a lot of research, I chose to go with Flothemes, their templates do everything I need out of the box and it’s easy to install and customize Ross and his team have been so helpful and I can’t say enough good things about them and their customer service. I’m very pleased about how it looks and I can’t wait to use every aspect of it to show off my work and communicate with people.
Trusted by The Most Talented Creatives:
India Earl
Flothemes has been nothing short of phenomenal for me. After trying so many other frustrating templates, I've finally found what I've been looking for! From their unique and stunning templates, to their incredible customer service, I've fallen completely in love with my site and showcasing my work on it. They helped me get started, fixed all the big and little things that I couldn't figure out on my own, and customized it perfectly to fit me and my work!
Trusted by The Most Talented Creatives:
Robert J Hill
Since the start of my photography career, I have always had enough chops to build my own websites. When I did have to work with a developer, I always felt put out and the process was incredibly frustrating. The look of Flothemes are beautiful but above that since switching over and working with them, I've been blown away by how I've been treated by this team. They continue to give and give and give...and then give some more. Their hearts behind what they are trying to build within the culture of the photo industry is genuine and inspiring. The constant updates within their sites, systems and processes and the fact that they are always trying to think up and release new products and features that help us in our businesses is unlike any other company out there I've seen. I very rarely "rave" about companies because I rarely see them go above and beyond but these guys have got it all. Thank you for everything you've helped me create.
Trusted by The Most Talented Creatives:
Martin Holzner
As a photographer I put my heart into my work and as I’ve thought about my website I wanted something you can experience the same love with. Flothemes has that, in every detail. The setup is super easy, you have a ton of features and so many possibilities to fit the theme perfect to your brand without the need of coding.
The only bad thing: every time they release a new theme, I want it for my website.
Trusted by The Most Talented Creatives:
Ben Sasso
Flothemes gets plenty of glowing (and well deserved) testimonials of their templates and websites but I wanted to take a minute to acknowledge the people behind it. I'm a huge believer in supporting good people and companies that treat their customers well and the team behind these beautifully crafted sites is the epitome of that. They're a helpful, enthusiastic, and extremely talented group of artists that make the entire process as exciting as it should be.
Trusted by The Most Talented Creatives:
Joseph West
Flothemes has changed the way I think about theme companies. The helpfulness, creativity, and overall vision behind each template they have is top notch. I walked into the project dreading it based on my previous redesigns, but at each and every turn the Flothemes team was there to help me with coding issues, layouts, and various other hiccups that are common during a massive redesign. I send all of my creative friends over to Flothemes any chance I get.
Trusted by The Most Talented Creatives:
Brandon Burk
My Flothemes site has helped increase my business earnings. Mark and the rest of the staff were amazing to work with. Whenever I needed assistance they were there to help. Flothemes provided educational sources to help me easily learn the in’s and out’s of Wordpress. My search ranking is higher now that I use Flothemes and my website runs to perfection. The Flotheme team has a great eye for good aesthetics, is user friendly and offers some of the best customer service I have ever experienced.
Trusted by The Most Talented Creatives:
Melissa Baker
I don't know what I would have done without the Flothemes Team! They helped me every step of the way in designing my new site, and always had immediate answers to my many questions. I loved the full installation option as it allowed me to work on the new site at my own pace without worrying about the current site "being under construction". I love the theme and look of the new site and the customer service has been outstanding! Thank you to Dumitru and everyone at Flothemes!
Trusted by The Most Talented Creatives:
Katch Silva
It's clear that the Flothemes sites are beautiful, that is something we can all see for ourselves. But the biggest thing that stuck out to me was that positive experience while working with the Flothemes people. The customer service was insanely good, Mark and the other guys responded quickly and were very helpful with the many questions I had. No question was too small or too large to address. I'm so glad I decided to finally take the plunge into Flothemes!
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