8 Benefits of Sharing Your WorkSpace with Other Creatives

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Hey folks! No matter what industry you come from and type of products or services you deal with, you’ll have to agree that any creative process takes a huge amount of motivation and energy. Most certainly many of you prefer to work from home, since it allows a flexible working schedule and keeps you away from long commutes every day. This scenario sounds to be perfect, yet here you are, stuck on a concept or detail and with no one around to provide a second opinion. Sounds familiar, doesn’t it? Well, have you ever considered working from a shared space?

We, at Flothemes, are a fairly nomadic group of people, working from various locations around the world. Therefore, co-working space is something we have been considering a few times. We did some research on its benefits (listed below), and would like to share the results with you. Perhaps you’ll want to test it for yourself.

Share Ideas and Thoughts

The issue described at the beginning of this post only emphasizes the benefits of sharing your work space with a group of like-minded people, who can give you their honest opinion on a project, open up new perspectives or point out aspects you have never thought about. Just be sociable, start conversations and tap into this pool of expertise and ideas. Most of the people you will meet in a co-working space are as curious about your work as you are about theirs. Do AB testing, ask questions, pitch ideas and do not forget to return the favor when your co-workers have a creative block.

Boost your Creativity

Most probably, you will have a series of unexpected encounters which would be hard to imagine happening in a traditional office setting or at the premises of your own house. Take value from these encounters, trade skills, learn what they know and try to apply it to your own projects. Creativity after all is just the process of combining things that have never been combined before.


Let’s agree, home offices can be isolating and full of routine, which may negatively affect your state of mind and work performance. Shared spaces help you build new relationships, find people who have interests alike or face similar challenges. There’s nothing better than being part of a larger community.

Collaboration. Networking. New Leads

85% of cases, you will be sharing the working space with at least one startup. This is always a great opportunity for networking, finding a future partner or even getting hired for a new project. Besides, when interacting with new vendors you are more likely to benefit from one of a kind offers, early discounts and promos.

Prices are affordable

If you are a startup yourself, renting an office space can sometimes cost an arm and a leg, while working from coffee shops and drinking 5 cups of coffee per day, makes your blood pressure skyrocket. Shared spaces are less expensive than traditional offices and offer amenities such as Wi-Fi, coffee and access to various events. And don’t forget the community!

Boosts your Motivation

According to a global co-working survey done by Deskmag, with people from 24 different countries – 85% of those who work from shared spaces feel more motivated. This may be explained by the constant inspiration, interaction and positive vibes that you get while engaging with members of the community.

More free Time

While working from home gives you the pleasure of sleeping in and starting/finishing work whenever you want, choosing to work from a co-working space makes you more organized, which brings more free time. 60% of those interviewed by Deskmag claimed they have more time to relax at home, since they moved to a co-working space.

Improved Communication skills and Team work

And last, but not least – working in a shared space with other creatives teaches you how to improve your inter-personal skills, how to work in teams, how to network and pitch your ideas.

We hope this was useful. If we got you interested, here’s a good platform that will help you find co-working spaces in your city www.desksnear.me
Let us know what are you thoughts and experience with such type of work places.

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