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  • You don’t want to deal with the technical aspect of building a website.
  • You want to be 100% sure that your website will look great & work smoothly!
  • You want to launch it in the next 2-3 weeks.
  • You want to save time and focus on your business, family and friends.

If this sounds like you, our Advanced Setup package will help!

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  • 1 on 1 experience. You get assigned a tech expert, who’ll help you setup & customize everything, offer guidance on how to manage & update your site afterwards.
  • Screen sharing calls x 2. You get to ask questions, watch us make updates & review your site LIVE, learn & better understand your new site.
  • WordPress and theme installation.
  • Setup & customization of layouts for your pages.
  • Assistance with a smooth website launch.


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Flothemes Experience

Here’s what clients who’ve worked with us say:


India Earl

Ori Smaja

Maciej Suwalowski (Magic)

Agnes Black

"The look of Flothemes are beautiful but above that since switching over and working with them, I've been blown away by how I've been treated by this team. They continue to give and give and give...and then give some more. Their hearts behind what they are trying to build within the culture of the photo industry is genuine and inspiring. The constant updates within their sites, systems and processes and the fact that they are always trying to think up and release new products and features that help us in our businesses is unlike any other company out there I've seen. I very rarely "rave" about companies because I rarely see them go above and beyond but these guys have got it all. Thank you for everything you've helped me create."


"A few months back, I was hesitant to move to another platform for my website but I was eager to transform my site and create something that truly reflected my identity as a person and a photographer. Once I found you, I knew right away that it was a no brainer to choose one your incredible and thoughtful designs as the base for my new site. From day one of signing up with Flothemes, until this very day I've been blown away by the incredible customer support I've received. George in particular has been so helpful in troubleshooting things that came up throughout the process. Thank you Flothemes for helping me bring my vision to life!"


"I’ve never worked with WordPress before, so you can imagine how lost I was in this world. They knew exactly which direction I wanted to go with and what vibes I wanted to generate with the website. The final result exceeded my expectations! I’m super happy with the website and got super positive feedback."


“I spent such a long time looking into my website, how I wanted it to look and feel. The layout, the pages. Whether I wanted to build it myself, have some help or have someone put together everything. After having a look around I decided to go with Flothemes as I find there themes super easy to build [..] I went with Crowd 2. Due to being crazy busy, I paid for the installation which was awesome! Vlad did exactly what I asked for and helped me fix or change anything I didn't like. The whole process was really smooth and so easy to do! I’m totally stoked with how my site turned out and would recommend this to anyone!”

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