Frequently Asked Questions

How are payments made?

We make payouts once every quarter. To get paid, you’ll need to add your paypal email into your account information on The minimal payout threshold is $100. If you’re below the $100 threshold, give a few more pushes to your Affiliate Link and you’ll surely collect the fruits of your labor during the next payout.

How are my commissions tracked?

Once a user clicks on your affiliate link, they are tracked for up to 45 days through cookies. If they make a purchase within this period, the system will register the transaction and display your earnings. 

What is the commission rate?

All our affiliates get a 15% commission on all theme that come through their unique referral link.

Do affiliate rates change?

We’re open to discuss an increase in commission rate with our top performing affiliates, as well as brainstorm on ideas and content that can help you improve your results, traffic and conversions.

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