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14 Amazing Font Examples for Your Photography Website

Finding that perfect font that truly describes your brand voice & personality can be a challenging and tedious task sometimes. Pick a random one and your whole website may just feels wrong, not aligned to your work and the message that you’re trying to get across to your customers. Hence, we’ve prepared these 14 font examples to help you find that perfect typography pairing.

Also, since we recently launched FlexBlock, thought we’d include some block design inspiration too, while showcasing these 14 font recommendations. Pick your favorite, follow the links to download these fonts (as most of them are free) and share with us your results inside our Facebook Community group.

We’ve broken them down by a certain mood, but don’t let that limit you..

1. Classy

Classy font example
Image by Helena & Laurent

Overline: Bellefair
Title Large: Bellefair
Quote: Linux Biolinum
Title Medium: Bellefair
Paragraph: Amiri
Call To Action: Bellefair

2. Fresh

Image by Kreativ Weedings

Subtitle: Bebas Neue Bold
Title Large: Raleway Extra Light
Call To Action: Bebas Neue Bold
Caption: Konstant Grotesk
Paragraph: Raleway Regular

3. Modern

Images by Diane Villadsen

Caption: Fira Sans Condensed Medium
Title Large: Optician Sans
Paragraph: Work Sans Light
Subtitle: Work Sans Medium
Call To Action: Anderson Grotesk Ultra-bold

4. Vintage

Images by Baptiste Hauville

Overline: PT Sans Bold
Title Large: Times Newer Roman Bold
Quote: Josefin Slab Bold
Title Medium: Times Newer Roman Bold
Paragraph: Times Newer Roman Regular
Call To Action: PT Sans Bold

5. Moody

Images by Jim & Vick Pollard

Overline: Open Sans Regular
Title Large: Quintessential
Title Medium: Quintessential
Paragraph: Open Sans Light
Call To Action: Cardo Bold

6. Elegant

Images by Damien Milan

Overline: Acherus Grotesque Regular
Title Large: Adenn Light ( Paid ) — Free Alternative: Nanum Myeongjo Regular
Quote: Tangerine
Paragraph: Open Baskerville
Call To Action: Open Baskerville

7. Fashion

Image by Stephanie Williams
Image by Stephanie Williams

Overline: Modena Script ( Paid ) — Free Alternative: Stay Classy
Title Large: Butler Bold
Title Medium: Butler Medium
Subtitle: Syncopate Regular
Paragraph: Lato Light
Call To Action: Lato Semi-Bold

8. Classic

Images by Greg Finck

Overline: Optician Sans Regular
Title Large: Ovo Regular
Caption: Optician Sans Regular
Quote: Ovo Regular
Title Medium: Ovo Regular
Paragraph: Ovo Regular
Call To Action: Optician Sans Regular

9. Bold

Images by Mirror & Muse

Caption: Montserrat Medium
Title Large: Konstant Grotesk
Subtitle: Quicksand
Title Medium: Konstant Grotesk
Paragraph: Monteserrat Regular
Call To Action: Konstant Grotesk

10. Subtle

Image by Erich McVey

Overline: Cardiff Regular
Title Large: Times Sans Serif
Caption: Walkway Black Regular
Quote: Adora Bouton ( Paid ) — Free Alternative: Asmelina Harley
Title Medium: Times Sans Serif
Paragraph: Marcellus Regular
Call to Action: Walkway Black Regular

11. Film

Image by Herr Holzner

Subtitle: Walkway Ultra Bold Regular
Paragraph: Geo Sans Light Regular
Call to Action: Walkway Black Regular
Overline: Walkway Black Regular
Title Large: Steelfish Bold

12. Editorial

Images by Marcela Cerbon

Navigation: Derivia Regular
Title Large: Derivia Regular
Subtitle: Walkway Expand Black Regular
Paragraph: Geo Sans Light Regular
Caption: Walkway Expand Black Regular
Call to Action: Walkway Expand Black Regular

13. Timeless

Image by Jordan Voth

Title Large: Derivia Regular
Caption: Steelfish Regular
Paragraph: Fira Sans Light
Quote: Reforma 1918 Blanca
Call to Action: Syncopate Regular

14. Feminine

Images by This Modern Romance

Overline: HK Grotesk Semibold
Title Medium: Wremena Light
Quote: Steelfish Regular
Caption: Roboto Condensed Regular
Subtitle: Anthoni Signature
Paragraph: HK Grotesk Medium


Inspired and excited to give some creative experiments a try? Fantastic!
Don’t forget to share your results with us, especially if you’re building new custom blocks for your website with FlexBlock.

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