Best 404 Page Designs & Why You Need It!

Oh no, a 404 page! Those are the worst, right? Wrong! if you’ve actually put some thought and creativity into it, you can turn a lousy, annoying page into a beautiful, fun or interactive opportunity to get more traffic and conversions on your site. We’ve gathered a list of Best and Creative 404 Pages from around the web, to give you some inspiration and ideas for your own error page. But before we proceed to those examples, here’s a few advice on what to take into account when crafting your own 404.

Best Design Practices for 404 Pages

  1. Don’t just notify them that an error happened, explain that the page they’re looking for doesn’t exist anymore. Offer a few alternative pages to visit, that they may be interested in. Some fun content, your product/portfolio page, etc. Keep them engaged and intrigued.
  2. Less is more, remember? While offering a few alternative links and pages, keep it clean. Don’t bombard them with everything you’ve got. Include 3-4 options max. Play with fonts, icons and your message. Love humor or sarcasm? Use it! It shows your personality and puts a smile on their face, turning a frustrating situation into a funny and relaxed one. They might even remember your site better now.
  3. Branding. Obviously. Use your ninja creativity skills to craft something good looking, pleasant and mesmerizing to the eye, that is aligned to your brand and website aesthetics.

How to Design Your Own 404 Page

Got some ideas stirring already? Take a look at these 7 plugins for WordPress websites, to get some help with creating your own killer 404 page. Now, sit down and enjoy this inspiration list of 404 Page Designs from big and small brands as well as freelance designers.
Note: Click on the image to see it’s source.

Best 404 Page Designs

Best 404 page designs-get-lost, Anthony Lagoon
by Anthony Lagoon
best-404-page-design, subsign
by Tubik Studio
best-404-page-design1, blizzard entertainment
By Blizzard Entertainment
best 404 page design Roman Menshikov
By Roman Menshikov
best 404 page design Halvor Nordrum
By Halvor Nordrum
best 404 page design 11 daily_ui, Superlab
By Superlab
best 404 page design bananas, John Torres
By John Torres
best 404 page designs Andrei Mironov
By Andrei Mironov
best-404-page-design-kualo limited
By Kualo
best 404 page designs Ryan Duffy
By Ryan Duffy
best-404-page-designs, lego
By Lego
Best 404 Page Design Olia Gozha
By Olia Gozha
Best 404 Page Design, Airbnb
By Airbnb

Hope you enjoyed, got inspired and cracked a few smiles here and there. Remember, there’s no right and wrong here. But if you get really stuck, there’s always Lionel Richie there to help. But if you really want to take your website a few levels up, revamp and get rid of the old dusty pages and design. All our stunning themes are 15% off this weekend with the code FLO4th!

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    16:14 July 7, 2017

    Great article. I agree that the use of humor can be very beneficial on a 404 page. I appreciate the crisp design of this post and your organized thoughts. We recently created our own 404 page and understand how much goes into crafting the perfect 404 error page. Feel free to check it out and give us any feedback that you have,

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