Best Lightroom Presets for Photographers

Remember how last year, after coming back from Way Up North in Stockholm, we kept preaching about the importance of consistency and curation of your portfolio? Prepare to be amazed.. Things haven’t changed! Obviously you want to grow as a business, attract the right type of clients, you want more destination weddings, and want to keep your editing tones consistent, and show only the absolute best of your portfolio… and you want this and you want that..
Well, here’s where presets come in handy – weather you create your own, or tweak the magic sorcery crafted by leading photographers of the industry, they will save you time and put you back in the game.

Here are our top 11 most favorite Lightroom presets:

Heck Yeah Presets by Ben Sasso

You know a Ben Sasso photo when you see one. This incredibly talented, fun and creative photographer, who spends most of his time traveling around California in a van, with the awesome Katch Silva (scroll down for some goodies from her as well), enjoying the beauty of nature, mountains and forests – also does workshops, mentoring lessons and presets. Now you have a chance to get closer to the Ben Sasso look.
See his presets here and learn more about his experience and how he polished his style in this interview.

Ben Sasso: Build a Recognizable Style
@Ben Sasso

Tribe Archipelago Presets

These gems resulted from a wonderful collaboration between Tribe Red Leaf and your favorite Lookslikefilm community. Not one or two, but 7 different packs, from leading photographers and their refined aesthetics. Choose your favorite here, but know it’s a tough decision when you have to choose between Loaf LR by Jacob Loafman, Don+Helen LR obviously by Don&Helen, Ryan Longnecker’s gorgeous bright blue tones, KLN by Kevin Kleine, LKO by our buddy Lukas Korynta, and the stunning packs by Loren & Chris.

Don Bringas, Don + Helen, dos and donts of photography, wedding beach, bride, moody
Ryan Longnecker - Redefining Success in Photography. Flothemes WordPress themes for photographers and creatives
@Ryan Longnecker

Mastin Labs

Some of the most stunning film emulation presets for Lightroom and Adobe Camera Raw are created by the talented crew at Mastin Labs. They spend so much time and effort, meticulously testing each new preset against film scans, so it’s barely possible to distinguish the digital image from the film one. Check out all their preset packs here and learn more about their most popular and raved Portra Pushed presets in our review.

@Mastin Labs

*this paragraph includes affiliate links.

Katch Silva Presets

Remember that awesome Columbian photographer we mentioned earlier in this article, who shares the fun and unbelievable adventures of living in a van and exploring nature, mountains and canyons with Ben Sasso? – that’s Katch Silva. One of the most talented people we know. You get a feel of her charismatic personality just by accessing her website. Well, Katch is also sharing her secret recipe through her stunning presets. Get your hands on one of those goodies here, there’s a B&W freebie included 😉

Katch Silva Presets. Understanding How Presets Work. couple photography, Katch 1
Edited with Katch 1 Presets

Tribe Red Leaf

When the power of Earth, Wind, Water, Fire, Light and Nature join forces, presets like these are born. The Tribe Red Leaf presets offer you that soft and natural look, with a perfect balance between lights and shadows, warm an cold tones, real and edited world. Check them out here!

Phil Chester Presets

A bit over a year ago, Phil Chester shared with us his story about dropping out of college, serving 4,5 years in active army duty, being deployed twice during his tour to Afghanistan, and then starting his photography path with a feature in National Geographic. You can read his full story here, but know that since then, Phil also released some kickass presets.

@Phil Chester

Indi Presets

Unless you’ve been in deep hibernation for the past 12 months, you’ll know what we refer to by saying “that India Earl look”. Yes, high contrast, golden colors, couples madly in love with each other and crazy fun to be around with. We love the India Earl look, and have been inspired by her work while designing our last website theme – Osaka. Luckily, now you have a chance to experiment with her beautiful editing style too. she’s making presets. Yay! Find them here.

@India Earl

Greg Petersen Presets

We have been following Greg’s amazing work since the day he launched his beautiful website with one of our themes! If you’re looking for a moody, black and white, warm or cold look, he’s got them all.  Check out his presets packs here.

@Greg Petersen

DC Presets by Dawn Charles

Versatile, creamy and moody, this is how Dawn describes her presets. The perfect amount of light, warm creamy reds, bold contrasts and focus on the way each image feels. She even has a separate pack specifically tailored for your reception images. Grab them all here.

@Dawn Charles

Sascha Kraemer Presets

Add more passion, more character and LIFE to your client’s memories with the secret spicy from Sascha Kraemer, while preserving the natural colors and looks. He’s also offering some sweet discounts at the moment, on all his packs, and is hustling to create additional goodies. Shop here, and don’t forget to check out his newly launched website built with our Osaka theme.

sascha kraemer presets, best lightroom presets for photographers
@Sascha Kraemer

Julia & Gil Presets

If you are looking for that gorgeous film look, texture feel, grainy charm for your photos – check out the awesome presets created by Julia and Gil. A lovely photographer couple from Germany, kicking ass at wedding and couple sessions and awesome creators of the Beloved Stories community. Explore their presets here and their beautiful website built with Kyoto theme.

@Julia & Gil

While the preset market is waaaaay larger and more diversified then the 9 preset packs we’ve described in this article. These are our favorite for this year. But trends change, let’s see what are we all into in 6 months!
If we’ve missed your favorite presets pack, and you really want to share it with us and the world, leave a comment and a link – and we’ll check them out! 😉

Flothemes Team.
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