Are these themes a one time purchase or subscription?

All our themes are a one time purchase. With your themes purchase you receive free updates for the length of theme’s lifespan, and free support for 12 months from the moment of your purchase, which you can extend by getting our Support plan.

What does my theme purchase include?

With your theme you receive the theme files, along with all the layouts, blocks and features that you see displayed on the demo site. You also receive free theme updates for the length of theme’s lifespan and free technical support assistance for 1 year from the moment of your purchase. The support assistance includes help with any questions during implementation, as well as any bugs/issues resulting from the theme directly. We recommend to get acquainted with our Support Terms here.

Can I build a website on my own? Do you offer tutorials?

Absolutely! We have detailed documentation and video tutorials to guide you through the whole process of website setup and maintenance.
You can access our documentation hub with all tutorials related to our themes and plugins here: If you come across any questions or issues during your installation process, our Support team is happy to assist you. You can contact them through our Support page.

How much customization can I do with Flothemes?

The short answer is A LOT. Each theme comes with Flex, our drag & drop design tool, and allows you to personalize everything, easily, on your own. No code or fancy design skills required. 
Use the pre-made page templates and blocks as a starting point, and go as creative and artistic as you wish. No limits, seriously. Our clients have been jazzing up their websites ever since we launched Flex, and it’s incredible!

Each theme comes with its own typography and color combos which you can easily adapt to your own branding and portfolio. You have a library of 100+ blocks that work like legos. Simply drag and drop them around to create your own page layouts. Missing a certain type of block? No problem – Flex, allows you to create your own sections. You can use images, texts, videos. gifs, shapes, svg elements, colored background, countdown timers, etc. You’re in control of how they look, where they are placed, how big they are and even how they move (thank you animations).

And that’s not all. You can also control and customize the way your website looks on mobile, to offer a powerful and seamless experience for those who access your site on a smaller screen. 

I’m New to WordPress, what do you need to get started?

There are 4 must-have components that you need to have, to build a website with Flothemes:

Domain Name
You’ll need an address for your new site, for example If you already have a domain name – that’s great! If not, you can check out providers such as or for domain name availability and prices. 

Hosting Provider
Websites are hosted, or stored, on special computers called servers. You’ll need a reliable hosting provider that allows you to install and your Flothemes design on top of that. hosting can also be used, YET you’d need their business plan, which proves to be a more costly investment as compared to with your own hosting.
If you don’t have hosting yet, check our Recommended shared hosting providers. You can also opt for Flothemes Cloud hosting solution. And here are the main differences between Shared and Cloud hosting.

You can download it for free from If you’re still wondering what are the differences between and, read this article.

Theme by Flothemes
You’ve got this one, right? If not, choose your favorite theme here.

Can I customize my mobile site? I heard it’s important for SEO

You sure can! Design a fully tailored experience for your mobile users. Our themes and Flex offer you maximum control over the way your pages look on a phone. Place your photos, texts, buttons & urls exactly where you want them to be. Adjust the size and placement of each element, add animations and movement to guide your viewer towards certain sections or CTAs. 

Is there a better theme than others? Asking for a friend

Functionality wise – all our themes are the same. They’re fully customizable, allow you to personalize everything from fonts and colors, to page structure and how your site looks on mobile. When deciding on what theme to get, pick the one that fits your content needs best. Look at the layouts and key sections on each page, look at how galleries, packages and information is presented. Also check how the theme looks on mobile, and pick the one that is closest to what you’ve envisioned for your own site. The rest can be polished and adjusted to your own brand and content.

You also get 30 days after purchase to switch for free to a different theme, if you start second guessing your first choice.

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