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After having a look around I decided to go with Flothemes as I find there themes super easy to build. Due to being crazy busy, I paid for the installation which was awesome! The whole process was really smooth and so easy to do! I’m totally stoked with how my site turned out and would recommend this to anyone!

Agnes Black

The look of Flothemes are beautiful but above that since switching over and working with them, I’ve been blown away by how I’ve been treated by this team. They continue to give and give and give…and then give some more. I very rarely “rave” about companies because I rarely see them go above and beyond but these guys have got it all. Thank you for everything you’ve helped me create.

India Earl

The customer service is just incredible all of the staff are professional, I highly recommend going for the advanced package, spend time with your clients and let them do the work. Thank you so much, you have sky rocketed my confidence.

David Christopher

After a lot of research, I chose to go with Flothemes. Their templates do everything I need out of the box and it’s easy to install and customize. Ross and his team have been so helpful and I can’t say enough good things about them and their customer service.

Jonas Peterson

They are just the best. Not only designing amazing wordpress themes (I use Crowd2), it’s so easy to work with the themes, even if you don’t have much experience. And the results look always stunning. And even if you have some struggle, they will help you immediately. I really can recommend Flothemes. Thank you all Floguys and-girls for being awesome.

Simone Fürst

I just wanted to thank the Flotheme Team for being awesome! I had some issues with activating the theme and despite the 9 hours time difference they helped me so fast reliable. I built a new website in just one day that looks completely different and much more professional than with any other theme that I’ve used before. I’m not done yet but still… I’m so happy that I chose you guys. KEEP BEING AWESOME.

Eva Sie

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Christ and Ruth

Website built with: Osaka Theme

Jonas Peterson

Website built with: Rosemary Theme

Vicky Baumann

Website built with: Trento Theme

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