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Get Siteground Hosting & Theme Installation at once.

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  • Why do I need Hosting?

    A Flothemes template is a WordPress based theme which requires a hosting provider (storage space online). You are unable to use a Flothemes without hosting, also known as a server.
  • Why Siteground ?

    Selecting the correct hosting provider is important for your site’s performance, security and updates. SiteGround has proven to be the best value for investment from numerous recommended hosting providers which offer friendly efficient support, ongoing updates, secure hosting (ssl) and CDN (for faster image loading) all within their packages for Flothemes customers. We have integrated our themes inside SiteGround so that once you purchase a theme and hosting with them, your Flothemes is automatically installed for you.
  • What are the Next Steps ?

    If you select to add Hosting, note that once you complete your Flotheme order, you will receive a Hosting purchase email. Follow the instructions with the email to purchase your hosting. Once hosting is purchased, SiteGround will automatically install WordPress and activate your Flothemes theme for you. This saves you the troublesome technical part of Flothemes.
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You’ll receive an email after completing your purchase. This service is an integration, you’ll need to pay separately.

Speed Optimize

Site speed matters. Optimize your site and improve your site loading for users.

SSL Implementation

Add an SSL certificate (little green lock in the browser) to your site to show your users that your site is secure.

Recommended plugins

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