Cat Ekkelboom-White | What holds You back in Your Business and How to Find More Balance in Your Life | FloInsider Ep #15

In episode 15 of the FloInsider podcast we chat with Cat Ekkelboom-White, an adventure wedding photographer who photographs couples getting married in the mountains, on skis, on snowboards, climbing – or doing other wild things that you wouldn’t normally connect with wedding photography.

Cat is also a mentor and runs the Adventure Wedding Academy for photographers, encouraging people to do the things that fit their personality and story – without following the crowd. The motto is “less work, more adventure” where each person gets to chose whether adventure for them is travel, hikes, or simply spending more quality time with their family.

This episode is a must-listen for anyone feeling lost and unhappy with their current business, those who are working hard to grow their brand and reach a certain level of success yet feel that they’re not getting any closer. Cat shares her steps for overcoming the fears that hold us back in our business. She also shares a lot of great advice for those of you who struggle with burnout, overworking and finding a more balanced way to blend work with personal life.

As Cat highlights – if you don’t protect your energy and your time, no one else will…

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A few cliff notes from our chat with Cat Ekkelboom-White:

  • We often speak of work/life balance, yet Cat points out how the word ‘balance’ actually implies that there is a tipping point. As creatives and business owners, our lives are so intertwined with our work that it’s more useful to talk about a work-life blend instead. 
  • When we are building a business we focus a lot on strategies, marketing and all the outward things and forget that the most important work is internal. You are the foundation of your business. Taking care of your mental and emotional health is crucial, as it often brings up issues into your business – your blocks, your fears, your old patterns – they can all keep you from reaching the success and happiness that you’re striving for. 
  • Are you afraid of failure or are you afraid of success? We mostly think of fear as fear of failing. But did you know that you can be afraid of succeeding too? This is rooted in negative beliefs about yourself or success. If you can’t seem to make the change you really wish to make it’s worth looking deeper at what is actually holding you back. 
  • Setting boundaries in your business is important, otherwise your business will run you out. Your time and your energy are a finite resource, if you don’t protect them, no one will. 
Bride and groom on ski in snow Cat Ekelboom White Wild Connection Photography
epic bride and groom photo in mountains Cat Ekelboom White Wild Connection Photography
champagne in mountain mugs Cat Ekelboom White Wild Connection Photography
wedding while hiking in snowy mountains  Cat Ekelboom White Wild Connection Photography

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