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A Video Theme Coming Soon

Yes, you read correctly. We are releasing a video specific theme soon!
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Image Credits – Sculpting with Time

A Few Preview Layouts

Cannes will offer multiple video feature options both for your portfolio, blog and within pages. These are only a few of the predefined layouts available. Each will allow you further customization to create unique page experiences for your clients.

Home 1

Home 2

Home 3

Home 4

Listing 1

Listing 2

Listing 2.a

Listing 3

Listing 4

Listing 5

Listing 6

Listing 7

Video Post 1

Video Post 2

Video Post 3

About 1

About 2

Single Blog 1

Single Blog 2

Contact 1

Contact 2

Contact 3

Gallery 1

Gallery 1 Pop-up

Custom Gallery 1

Custom Gallery 2

Gallery Grid

Gallery Slideshow


Slideshow 1

Slideshow 2

Slideshow 3

Slideshow 4

Slideshow 5

Slideshow 6

Slideshow 7

Static Video


We have worked closely with tens of video content creators to design and develop a theme that showcases your video in a portfolio that adapts to work with different media formats to display on any device.

Easily tweak templates, colors, fonts and icons, for a personalized look. Cannes is perfect for any wedding, destination and lifestyle videographers, who want a simple yet memorable way to showcase their work!

Image Credits – Sculpting with Time

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