Como – A Modern Bold Design for Your Site

Como – A Modern Bold Design for Your Site

We always strive for perfection and innovation, and while we love the clean, white  minimalistic theme designs, we knew that with COMO we had to create something alternative, more bold and with character. To get that daring, crisp look, we used strong, overlapping typography treatment as part of the styling. This does not only create a harmonious, balanced visual experience for your users, but also puts a strong emphasis on your creative work, making each gallery or blog post the main centerpiece of the screen.

If you are not a big fan of dark, black colors we have a second gorgeous style kit for you. As bold, brave and stunning as Como Dark is Como Light. Inside each you will find multiple customization options as well as an incorporate visual composer to help you easily build and structure your pages. The opportunities are endless, how about a new daring look for your site?


With Como we have put emphasis on movement and transitions to create a smooth and beautiful experience when navigating throughout your website.  Try out the 7 various layout views to see which one works best with your logo, or go ahead with the burger menu if you like your images and sliders kept clean.

Como - Clean, Bold and Modern Theme for your site


Como offers both wide and framed full screen slideshows which can be added to any of your pages, even to your blog posts if you use the following plugin. You can customize the height and slide effects, have your logo centered on top of your slider or fixed above the slideshow.

Gallery and Blog Views

Como is fully packed with layout and customization possibilities, giving you countless opportunities to create something different and exclusive for your website. We even included some unique text only options to display your blog listing pages.

Como - Clean, Bold and Modern Theme for your site

Four Single Gallery layout options:
1. Gallery No Crop (Original Size Slideshow) – this slider will not crop your images and have them fit the container.
2. Horizontal Slider – this is a left aligned image with other images following to the right.
3. Gallery Cropped Slideshow – this view will be in a letterbox view and will crop your images.
4. Grid View Masonry – the classic grid masonry view.

Como - Clean, Bold and Modern Theme for your site

Seven View Types for your Blog & Gallery listing:
List View with Text Under – displays your featured image and text under it.
List View with No Image – this is a text only list view.
Big Title – a list view with big titles and your images appearing on hover.
Grid View text Under – a grid view masonry with the title displayed below the image and the opportunity to choose the number of columns.
Post Slider – A wide slider to display your posts. You can choose one of the 5 slider options available. 
Card View Alternating – this view will have your image and text alternating left or right. A great new option is to have the slider option enabled or disabled for the featured image.
Card View – with this view your images will be on the left and the text/excerpt on the right hand side. The slider option for the featured image is also available.

Como - Clean, Bold and Modern Theme for your site

There are two more layout possibilities that will love:
Mosaic Layout – you can use this option to separate your galleries according to the type of photography you do (weddings, travel, boudoir, etc) or just display your favorite or latest blog posts in a very unique way.
Patterns – use this option to trigger some extra curiosity and excitement for your site visitors. By choosing this layout, there are 3 patterns created for your galleries display: 1 image on the left and 2 smaller ones on the right, a single featured image and a 50/50 split left and right. You can view it here.

Great For Videographers

As all our themes, Como has been optimized for videographers, or for those who want to display their video content in a beautiful elegant way. You can add videos to your homepage slideshow or throughout the content, or create unique video galleries, with 7 layout possibilities (same as for blog listings).

About & Contact Pages

As all our themes, Como includes special page templates with a built in contact form and 4 layouts which will help you collect information and get in touch with your potential clients easily. If you prefer Contact Form 7 or Ninja Forms, you can easily switch with the help of our tutorials.
You will also find a new addition to the “About” page templates. A beautifully structured, longer page, that you can build using the visual composer and smooth parallax transitions. Now, you can enjoy four unique layout options to display more information about you, your mission and your business.

Fully Customizable Fonts

With over 150+ free font options available in the theme, Como fonts can be changed to match your branding and style to give your theme a different look than everyone else. Can’t find what you need with the free fonts? Not a problem. You can upload any fonts in .otf, .ttf, and .woff to your site and use them anywhere you like, the font combination possibilities are almost endless.

Responsive & Fast

Como, as all our themes, has been optimized to be responsive;  it works, looks and feels great across any device, from your large iMac screen right down to your mobile phone. Don’t just take our word for it, take a look at the demo site on any device you want. View here.

Como - Clean, Bold and Modern Theme for your site

We can’t wait to hear about your experience with this new theme and see how it transforms and adopts a unique character and style when united with your wonderful creative work.

We also recommend to check out our Flo Launch plugin, as it will allow you to test drive your new theme and ideas, on a separate clone database, while your users still browse through your actual site. No downtime, no maintenance plugins, no stress. Absolutely free for all Flo users!


With Love,
Flothemes Team.

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