Creatively Crafted Copywriting
Attention grabbing headlines
Start: January 2020
Duration: 2-3 Weeks

As a creative business, who wants to stand out and speak directly to your potential clients, you need a unique brand voice and powerful, compelling copy that turns a curious fan and site visitor into a prospect and future customer. If blogging and copywriting is not something you love or are good at, hire us to help you craft the perfect message that speaks to your client and tells your story!

*Additional paragraphs can be requested for $150 per paragraph.

Package includes:

  • 3-4 paragraphs depending on your page design. 350-800 characters each, including SEO needs (keywords).
  • Paragraphs may include: Bio, Approach, Philosophy, Process description, etc.
  • Bio variations for Social Media (250 characters, 150 characters, 70 characters)
  • Taglines and main heading statements

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Our Process

We get it. Finding the right words to emotionally connect with your viewers and motivate your leads to submit an inquiry is hard. Few people know how to correctly describe themselves in order to sound humble, experienced, awesome and fun at the same time. We’ve got your back on this. We’ll get to know you, think like your brand, and create copy that actually sells your work.

Fill out the form

After purchasing the copywriting service, we'll send you a form with questions to answer, in order to find out more about your personality, your brand , your approach, your clients, your needs and preferences for your messaging. Once you fill it out, we start the work.

Initial Draft

In around 2 weeks after you submit your answers, we'll send you a draft with your copywriting, this will include your About section, description of your Approach and Style, variations for your social bio, tag-lines, etc. (depends on your initial needs stated in the form).

Feedback and Review

Once you receive your copywriting draft, you’ll have to share some feedback with us to let us know about any changes or revisions that need to be made. We're happy to schedule a call to go over your copy and answer any questions, concerns or ideas that you may have.

Final Draft

After the review, within a week’s time, we’ll implement any changes that may have been discussed and send you the final draft for a confirmation. This is the most exciting part, adding your new copy to your website and witnessing how more users start to inquire you.

Additional Copywriting

Have more pages that you’d like improved through copywriting? Let’s work out that copy, enhance the message and include some keywords to keep your prospects intrigued and pages SEO friendly for Google. Each additional paragraph (350-800 characters) costs $150.

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