10+ Dark photography websites that you need to see

Thinking of switching your website to the dark side? Great, because dark & moody photography and videography sites are some of the most good looking and bold ones. And while most of our themes aren’t dark when you check them out in our shop or browse through their demo pages, know that you can change background colors, fonts, and adjust page layouts in any of them. This way they will look spectacular, in black, white, or any other color that compliments your branding and portfolio.

Without further ado, here are 16 mesmerizing, dark websites built by our photographer clients. Pick your favorite one!


Wedding Photographers & Videographers | Built with Mono theme

Joy Zamora

Destination Wedding Photographer | Built by The Lightbox Tales with Lyra theme

Rick Liston

Wedding Photographer | Built with Mono theme

Arcane Nuit

Boudoir Photographers | Built with Lyra theme

Claire Slater

Wedding Photographer | Built with Lyra theme

Herve Dapremont

Portrait & Wedding Photographer | Built with Mono theme

Dark Roux

Wedding Photographers | Built with Lyra theme

Studio Fotografico Bacci

Wedding Photographers | Built with Faro theme

Samantha Guillon

Couples Photographer | Built with Mono theme

Deluca Film

Wedding Videographers | Built with Elise theme

Ann-Kathrin Bretschneider

Wedding Photographer | Built with Velvet theme


Wedding Photographer | Built with Lyra theme

Giacomo Vesprini

Street Photographer | Built with Mono theme

Amy Bluestar

Wedding Photographer | Built with June theme

Ja’Crispy Is Awesome

Comics | Built with Lyra theme

Naturally Jek

Wedding Photographer | Built with Faro theme

Bows & Lavender

Wedding Photographers | Built with Mono theme

Inspired & Excited to Build Your Own Dark Website?

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Also have a dark website with Flothemes? Let us know – send us a message!

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