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December Checklist: 10 Things To Do before 2018

We all know that pleasant feeling of satisfaction when you get to cross something off your To Do lists, especially when it’s a list of important, long-term goals and projects, rather than daily grocery items. There is no better time than December, to sit down, reflect on everything you’ve accomplished so far and start preparing for the upcoming year. So before you get carried away by the fun process of decorating your house and wrapping Christmas presents, here’s a list of 10 things you need to do for yourself and your business before 2018 kicks in!

1. Curate your old content & update the images on your site

Is all your current website content still relevant and in harmony with your style? Perhaps some of it is so old, it no longer represents you and your work. Does it attract the type of clients you want to work with in 2018? We recommend taking some time to sort through your galleries and posts. Select only your best work from 2017! Choose 5-10 images from that batch and put it into your homepage slider. The rest of the galleries, you could showcase in a Featured or Favorites page block. Make sure your potential and future clients see your best work!

Note: If you choose to delete or move any of your old images, make sure to create proper redirects so there are non broken links. For more guidance, check Point #18 and #13 in our SEO for photographers guide.

2. Collect reviews & testimonials

Reach out to folks you loved working with (clients and vendors), ask them to leave you a short review, on your business page (or the platform where you’re collecting testimonials). This will not only give you awesome content to feature on your site, but will also boost your Local SEO.

3. Refresh your site for 2018

If it has been forever since you’ve given a facelift to your website, updating the images and getting rid of old content may not do the trick. Make a list of what needs to be fixed or improved. Perhaps it’s time for a site redesign!

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4. Update your pricelist

If you’re planning to change your pricelist for 2018, this may be a good time to work on it! Tired of PDFs and looking for an easier way to create beautiful and responsive pricelists in a matter of minutes? Take a look at our interactive drag and drop pricelist builder – Flo HUB! It includes stunning templates that you can customize, stats about your users, password protection, inquiry forms and many more. Find more details here

5. Vendors you want to work with in 2018

It can be vendors you’ve already worked with or new connections and partnerships you would like to build in 2018. Make a list, reach out and take them for a cup of coffee. If it’s a productive meeting, perhaps they’ll include you on their “recommended vendors list”. And if you haven’t been doing this in 2017, when you blog in 2018 make sure you mention each vendor and backlink readers to their websites. Most of the times, these vendors will be happy to share your post, since it features their product. You get more traffic, and they get more traffic and exposure. A simple and easy formula for cross-promotion.

6. Publications and Online Magazines you want to be featured in

If you want to see your work published in various leading magazines, in most cases you have to be the one who reaches out, sends in material and stays persistent. You don’t just sit there and wait for opportunity to knock on your door. Make a list of publications where you’d want to be featured, and keep working hard for it in 2018! Have a new gallery that you are really in love with, email a few of your favorite publishers and share a link. Lady luck may smile at you sooner than you think!

7. Check your social links

As simple as this sounds we have seen hundreds of websites this year, where the social buttons would take you to a “non existing” page. Especially with Instagram. Since it allows you to easily change your username, it also changes your URL, but does not redirect folks to your new account. Those are tens and hundreds of potential followers and clients lost. Please check the social buttons on your site. As a matter of fact, check all your buttons and links, to make sure everything works properly. You can do it manually or use a tool such as Dead Link Checker.

8. Something New for 2018

There’s always a ton of things that we’d love to master or improve but never find the right time for. Pick 3 things (only 3) that you want to learn to do before summer 2018. It can be learning how to cook, finally working on a personal project idea that you’ve had in mind for months. Spend more time with your kids, take dancing classes, anything! Find the means (evening lessons, online course, workshops, books, etc) and commit to doing it!
It will not only bring you pleasure and the satisfaction of accomplishing something, but may also inspire you in ways you’ve never expected!

9. Have some time to rest?

As amusing as this sounds, book a few time slots/days during the Holiday season when it’s family and friends time. You are not allowed to work or even think of work during this time. It’s all about relaxing and having a wonderful time with your loved ones! No phones, no TV, no laptops, no devices! Reboot, physically and emotionally. You deserve it.

10. Go see Star Wars: The Last Jedi in cinema

Grab your favorite person, friend or grandma (who ever is a true fan of StarWars, as are you) and spend a evening at the cinema, enjoying your favorite movie.

Not a fan of StarWars? Pick another one! Or do a Home Alone marathon at home, with blankets, pop corn and hot cocoa. It’s not as much about the movie, as about the activity and quality time.


We hope this To Do list will give you a head start for 2018! While most of these points depend solely on you, your preferences and goals for the upcoming year, there’s one thing we can help you with – your website redesign and pricelists! Send us a message or reach out via social media if you have any questions about the designs or process. Enjoy this magical time of the year!

Flothemes Team,
Supporting You. 

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    Diana Andea

    18:42 December 20, 2016

    This is such a good article! So useful! makes my list-making obsession very very happy :)

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