Facebook Ads for Photographers

Take your marketing efforts to the next level with our Facebook Ads for Photographers course. It’s time to stop throwing money down the drain. Learn how to create highly targeted audiences and increase your ads return with Flothemes Facebook Ads Course.

FB ads course

Advertise Effectively on Facebook & Maximize Your Profits!

Tried hitting “boost post” a few times, didn’t get the expected results and just decided that Facebook Ads are not for you? Advertising is a whole art, and you have to learn some rules before enjoying the benefits & tremendous success it can bring to your business. Learn how to generate a return on your investments, attract the right type of clients & grow your photography business. This course will take you from a complete beginner to a FB Ads hero in no time.

Why Facebook Ads?

Long gone are the days when you could just post on Facebook and everyone who liked your page would see it. Due to Facebook algorithm and business page changes your posts and pages just don’t get the traction they deserve. With a well planned Facebook Ad campaign you can start promoting your content, attract new potential clients, and start closing more qualified leads. With over 1 billion daily users on Facebook, you have the opportunity to target any audience anywhere in the world. The filtering options are incredibly powerful, as you can narrow your desired audience down to age, location, relationship or parenting status, hobbies, interests, events they attend, etc. This allows to optimize your advertising budget, and focus all your time, energy and money only on those who match your ideal client profile and matter the most for your business! Our Facebook Ads course for photographers, wedding photographers and creatives will teach you everything you need to know to maximize results & increase your ROI from advertising on Facebook. We aim to give you the toolset you need to create effective ad campaigns and enjoy business growth!

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This course is for you if?

  • You are a small to medium sized photography businesses
  • You don’t understand Facebook Ads
  • You aren’t getting results from Facebook Ads
  • No one ever see’s your posts
  • Boosting posts isn’t working anymore
  • You don’t want to waste money by guessing how to advertise
  • You want to reach your dream clients with your advertising
Whats Inside
Facebook Ads for Photographers
Start: Instantly
Duration: 6-8 Hours

The Facebook Ads for Photographers course will cover everything a photographer needs to know when getting started with Facebook Ads. With over 3 years of Facebook Ad experience, we are going to show you how to create effective ads that convert for Facebook. Stop wasting money by guessing, and start targeting the clients you want with Facebook Ads.

* You will need a Facebook Business Page to get started with our Facebook ads course.

Package includes:

  • Setting up the Facebook Pixel
  • The fundamentals of Facebook Ads
  • How to set efficient ad budgets
  • How to target the client you need
  • Creating a marketing funnel
  • Create copy like a pro for adverts
  • Much much more!

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