20+ Facebook Groups for Photographers to Join in 2022

If you’re a photographer in 2021 – the age of social media – and you still haven’t joined any photography Facebook groups we have a valid question for you: what are you waiting for? 
Facebook groups for photographers are amazing for a number of reasons:

  1. They are the best way to connect with other photographers and build a strong community of likeminded creatives. Which is especially important for those of you who are just kicking off your photographic career.
  2. They are packed with useful information and insights from people from all around the world. These are knowledgable industry professionals willing to share their ideas and recommendations with you. It’s one of those cases when you get free (and very valuable) cheese without getting into the mousetrap. 

You can find Facebook groups dedicated to any aspect of your photography business: from marketing, pricing, and legal stuff, to SEO, lighting, and even your Flothemes website 🙂 In this post, we’ve gathered 20+ best photography related groups to join in 2021. Check them out and let us know which ones you enjoy the most.

Flothemes Community

Created in 2013, 11.2K members
A group for those who use Flothemes website templates or are about to join their client community. Here, you’ll find help and answers to various questions, you’ll get sneak peeks for new products and features, secret offers for loyal clients, and beautiful website examples created by Flo customers


Created in 2015, 1.8K members
Created by our sister brand, Squaremuse, this group is meant to connect their clients, share knowledge about designing your website on Squarespace, and answer questions about Squaremuse products. Join it if you use Squarespace, plan a website revamp in the near future and want a more unique and fresh approach for your online look. 


Created in 2018, 2.3K members
If you care about SEO and your website’s performance, and you also use Flothemes for your site, join this group. We share SEO related updates, best practices, useful tool recommendations and important news from the WordPress world.

Fuel Your Photos

Created in 2015, 18.8K members
This is a community for photographers willing to learn more about SEO, improve their site’s performance and ranking. Here you can find lots of educational resources and advice from the SEO expert, Corey Potter, and other experienced website owners.


Created in 2014, 8.3K members
This group is more web design/business-oriented. It’s for anyone who’s interested to improve their website, understand their brand, and connect with like-minded creatives. The mastermind behind this community is the talented designer and business couch – Melissa Love.


Created in 2014, 55.6K members
If you love admiring other photographers’ works, LOOKSLIKEFILM is your horn of plenty. Join it to get inspiration from others, and share your own work with the world.


Created in 2016, 38.1K members
While the original LOOKSLIKEFILM group is focused on inspiring photographers with their peers’ work, LOOKSLIKEFILM LEARN is about sharing useful resources, knowledge, and photographic tips. This group is a must join, we promise.

Honeybook Community

Created in 2015, 5.9K members
This group is a collaborative community for Honeybook users, where creatives from all around the world share their questions and insights on how to grow your business, how to offer a better experience to your clients, how to optimize your workflows and business process, and of course how to use Honeybook. 

The Rising Tide Society

Created in 2015, 77.0K members
A group of creatives and small business owners, with the mission to promote community over competition. It’s also a part of the HoneyBook family, hence there’s tons of tips and resources meant to help you grow your brand. 

Created in 2012, 58.7K members
This is not a lawyer on-demand group, but rather a US-based educational website and community group for photographers to share information about business, marketing, contracts, laws, and more. 

Master Wedding & Portrait Photography: Learn with SLR Lounge

Created in 2014, 9.7K members
A community that helps your learn, master, and certify in wedding and engagement photography. It’s  created by the talented team at SLR Lounge and guided by the Wedding Training System.

No BS With Bree + Stephen | Business, Lifestyle, & Community

Created in 2018, 17.1K members
The name says it all. This group was created by Bree Mooers and Stephen Kim, two talented photographers and educators, who share their insights, recommendations, projects, and wins with other creative entrepreneurs. 

Weddings & Wanderlust – Adventure Photographers

Created in 2017, 11.5K members
This worldwide community for adventure elopement and wedding photographers is the perfect place for creatives whose work is full of wanderlust, or those who want to shift their wedding photography business into elopements and destination work.  

The SEO for Photographers Group

Created in 2017, 4K members
Created by photographers and SEO connoisseurs Dylan M. Howell and Corey Potter, this is another great group to follow if you are interested in optimizing your website and improving its ranking. 

Learn to Light – An OCF Lighting Community

Created in 2016, 100.3K members
This group is on the technical side – it will teach you everything you need to know about off camera flash. If you’ve been planning to transition from natural light to OFC, this group will definitely be useful for you! 

Creative Photography Education

Created in 2018, 1.2K members
Created by Brandi Potter, a talented wedding photographer and educator, this group will offer you exactly what it promises – useful resources & insights on how to evolve your creative photography brand. 

Ladies Behind the Lens

Created in 2017, 13.8K members
The group’s title makes it clear who is it for: amazing female photographers who want to connect, support each other, and learn from other talented ladies inside the photography industry. 


Created in 2016, 9K members
Created by Junebug Weddings, this group is focused on all types of wedding, engagement, couple photography & videography. They share incredible resources and tips meant to help you strengthen your business. 

UNSCRIPTED for photographers

Created in 2019, 29.5K members
If you haven’t yet heard about Unscripted – it’s an amazing app for photographers that offers hundreds of posing prompts for your photoshoots, as well as camera settings recommendations, a sun tracker, and many other cool features. This group is exclusively for its app users and offers a platform to connect with other creatives, showcase your work, and ask questions.

Beloved Stories 

Created in 2016, 16.6K members
This Facebook group is a place where you can get inspired and inspire others, meet a lot of talented folks from the photographic community, find a lot of useful tips, ask questions and also share/see how others use the Beloved Stories Presets. 

How I shot this

Created in 2018, 68 members
A growing, very cozy and inspiring group, created by the talented wedding photography duo – Melli & Shane. This group is a safe harbor for anyone who wants to share their work with other photographers, get constructive feedback, and ask How Was This Photo Shot. The information shared inside this community is invaluable for any novice or even seasoned photographer who wants a new perspective and some fresh ideas on composition, lighting, and posing. 

Mentor Me

Created in 2014, 6.3K members
A group created by Jennifer Moher – a talented and experienced wedding photographer with a special eye for minimalistic, fine art imagery. Mentor Me is a safe space to ask questions, network with other photographers, and learn from each other. 

Emotional Story telling by Twyla Jones

Created in 2016, 16.3K members
If you want your pictures not only to be beautiful and aesthetically pleasing but also to tell a story – learn a little more about how to tell stories that trigger emotions. You can start with this amazing group created by the talented Twyla Jones. 

Six Figure Photography Mastermind

Created in 2015, 7.8K members
Want to build a successful photography businesses? Six Figure Photography Mastermind is a group dedicated to the business side of being a photographer. Here, among other interesting and useful things, you can learn about pricing, business strategies, and marketing.

Way up north

Created in 2015, 3.1K members
From the creators of the Way Up North wedding photography conference, this is another rad group to follow if you want to learn from other members of the photographic community, share your photo or video work, connect with interesting people from all around the world and share your excitement whenever you’re attending one of their incredible events.  


If there are certain Facebook photography groups that we’ve missed, and you think they should definitely be on this list, send us a message or leave a comment on our social media and we’ll be sure to check it out!

Flothemes Team,
Empowering You.

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