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Answers to our most Frequently Asked Questions

What platform are your themes built for?

Our themes work with (not to be confused with We also offer Squarespace designs via our sister brand Squaremuse.

Is WordPress / Flothemes difficult?

Just like any tool or new software, WordPress takes a bit of time to get used to. However, we provide full documentation and video tutorials to guide you through each step of the process. We have tried to simplify the process of creating a new site as much as possible. With our block building system we believe we have achieved that. Check out how our block system works here.

Is there a free trial with your themes?

Due to our themes being digitally downloaded products, there is no free trial period available with Flothemes. You do however have the freedom to switch to another theme for free within 30 days after purchase, in case you get a theme and then realize that it’s not the best fit for you.

Are your themes mobile friendly?

You bet they are! Each theme has been thoroughly tested to work properly and look beautiful on all devices.

How customizable are your themes?

Very! Our themes offer 40+ blocks, you have tons of options & layouts available in each theme, the page structure can be customized, colors and fonts can be changed, margins adjusted. You can also extend your sites functionality with plugins. WordPress has a huge database of plugins (extensions) that you can add to your website for extra features & functionality.

Is it a one time payment or recurring annual cost?

The theme is a one time payment. You only pay once and can keep your theme for as long as you need. All future updates are free. The only exception is our latest upgrade version for Flexthemes, called Pronto. If you own a Flextheme, and choose to upgrade to Pronto, you will be required to get a support subscription package.  

Do I get all style kits that a theme has or just one?

When you purchase Mono, you get one of its style kits for free. You can choose it after you install Mono on your website, via your dashboard, in the Flex Admin tab. All other Flextheme users can enjoy access to the full library of style kits via a subscription plan.

What do I need to get started with Flothemes?

To use a Flothemes site, you need the following:

  • a domain name
  • hosting
  • a Flotheme

Find more details here.

What’s a hosting provider?

Websites are hosted, or stored, on special computers called servers. You’ll need a reliable hosting provider that allows you to install and your theme on it, to be able to build your website. This is an important investment, as good hosting determines how well your website performs, how fast it loads and how secure it is. Here are our top recommended hosting providers.

Can I use Flothemes with

Only with the business plan, with prices starting at $25 per month there are much cheaper alternatives. Our recommendation would be to use a hosting provider that lets you install WordPress at no additional cost. Pricing starts from around $5 per month. See our recommended hosting providers here.

What’s the difference between and

WordPress is a publishing platform or content management system (CMS) that makes it easy for anyone to publish a website online. is the fully-hosted version, while is the self-hosted version (installed on your own hosting), available for free. For Flothemes you’ll want to use + a hosting provider for the best experience and full access to our features. Read more about the difference between and here.

Can I use Flothemes with Squarespace?

Flothemes will only for WordPress, however we do offer design kits for Squarespace via our sister brand – Squaremuse. Find more details on

What if I get stuck? Will you help me?

Of course! You’re not in this alone. If you hit any bumps on the road while setting up your website, submit a ticket here and our support team will get back to you with help within 1-2 business days. If you need full assistance with getting started, you can check out our service packages.

What image sizes should I use for my theme?

Depending on the block you use, there are few different recommended image sizing options. You can find them here.
But in short, you should use the following image sizes:
  • Blog posts: Width – 1500px / Height – Auto
  • Gallery posts: Width – Auto / Height – 1500px
  • Slideshows and full width blocks: Width – 2880px / Height – 1500px

Can I hire your team to create my website for me?

Absolutely! We offer 3 types of setup packages based on your needs and budget, from a simple demo setup, to a 1 on 1 experience, screen sharing sessions, premium email support and help with site speed optimization and SEO plugin configuration. Take a look at our setup packages here.
Interested in a fully custom website design, we offer that too! Get more details on custom packages here.

What if I can't see an option, feature or functionality inside the demo but really want it?

If you can’t find a specific feature or design option inside the theme demo, but really need it for your website, reach out to us via Live Chat or Facebook to confirm with our team before buying the theme. Some options are really easy to implement, while others require CSS or custom coding. Hence, it’s best to check with us beforehand, otherwise and additional fee may be applied to add certain functionality to your theme.

What’s the difference between the Advanced Setup & Advanced Pro setup?

Both offer you a a hands on experience, where you work 1-on-1 with our team and get help with website setup, styling and launch, with screen sharing sessions and premium email support. The Advanced Pro package includes everything offered with the Advanced Setup + your SEO plugin setup & configuration, SSL certificate implementation & our Site Speed Optimization service. These extra services can have a significant impact on your SEO, website performance & user experience.

How long do your setup services take?

With the simple installation we aim to complete your site setup within 48 hours, not including weekends. With the advanced installation services, after completing your form, the Initial site setup takes between 7-10 working days. Once this is completed you’ll have access to the site to start adding and updating content. Once content is ready, and we have completed our calls, we will launch the site. On average it takes our clients between 2-6 weeks to complete and launch your site.

How long are the installation services valid for?

Installation services are valid for 12 weeks once the form is submitted. Services must be started within 3 months of initial purchase. Failure to start your process after this period may be subject to repurchase or an additional setup fee.

If I purchase a setup service, what are the steps?

After checkout you will receive a purchase confirmation email + a unique link to a setups form that you need to fill out with all your details and design preferences.
Once the form is submitted, the setups team will reach out to you to let you know that the process has kickstarted and what are the next steps.
If you haven’t received the setups form after purchase, feel free to reach out to us at

How do I choose the right theme for my business?

That’s a great question. Choose first of all based on the structure of the layouts & page blocks, try to ignore the styling (fonts, colors, icons, images) as all of that can be easily tweaked & personalize. Also check out this quick guide on how to choose the right Flotheme. If you’re still debating, message us for more recommendations.

Do you have a refund policy?

Flothemes is offering non-tangible digital goods. We offer refunds within 48hours from purchase, otherwise we do not offer refunds for any theme purchase unless a specific agreement was made prior to purchase or if you are absolutely not be able to use the theme you purchased for a specific and valid reason (e.g. some sort of incompatibility). In case a refund has been agreed, Flothemes will process a refund not including third-party transaction fees from the original payment, ie. Stripe, or fees related for a refund to be processed, ie. PayPal. Flothemes reserves the right to analysis each refund request on a case by case study.

Can I switch to another theme for free?

Yes, within 30 days of purchase you can switch for free to another theme. No questions asked. Here’s how. 

Can I build my site on my own with your themes?

Absolutely! Our themes can be used right out of the box. Each includes a set of pre-designed page layouts and tons of page blocks that you can customize and make them look and feel like your own. Follow our step by step documentation & video tutorials, add your own content and voila – your site is ready for launch! Of course if you want to get some professional help with building & styling your theme – you can always hire our team to do it for you.

Do you have tutorials & documentation for each theme individually?

We sure do! You can find it all here Also, all the documentation is integrated inside your theme dashboard via the FloSupport plugin. So make sure to install it on your website.

Do I need to know how to code to be able to use Flothemes?

No coding skills are required. We try to make our themes as simple & user friendly as we can. You get access docs & video tutorials that guide you step by step through the process. We also have a dedicated support team available for any questions you may have + a super active Facebook Community where our team and Flo clients help each other.
In case of specific styling ideas, you may require a css snippet, but that’s something our team will be happy to help you. So you don’t have to worry about it.

What is FlexBlock?

FlexBlock is a FREE design tool (a plugin) that allows you to create your own custom blocks and make your Flothemes website more unique and personalized. No code skills or Css knowledge required. You’re in full control of how your blocks look on both – desktop and mobile. More info here.

Does FlexBlock work with all themes?

It works with all themes that support the block builder: Cube, Kyoto, Crowd II, Osaka, Porto II, Leon, Trento, LVY II, Fiji II, Evora, Cannes, Rosemary, Narcisse, Milea + all upcoming themes.

How do I move to Flothemes from Squarespace, Showit, Wix, etc?

Depending on the platform from which you are migrating, there are certain steps that you need to take. Some platforms will allow exporting your content, to easily move it to your new Flothemes website, others will not. To make the transition as smooth as possible, please consult this page for more details, or reach out to our team directly. 

How do I get help if I have questions or problems with installing my template?

The fastest way to get help, is by submitting a ticket so our Support Team can investigate & help you. You can submit a ticket directly from this link or through our support page here. 

Do I get a discount as an existing client for my next theme?

Yes, absolutely! Within a year after purchasing your theme you get an evergreen loyalty discount of $80 off any theme. When you’re logged into your flothemes account, the code discount will automatically be applied to all themes. Hence you’ll see the price of $199 instead of $279.

Do you do custom website design?

We sure do, and they are absolutely stunning! Find more details about our custom design packages here. If you’re considering getting a website fully tailored to your brand & audience, let’s have a call to discuss your needs & vision.

How do I build my SEO?

SEO is a long term process. Here’s all you need to know and do to build or improve your SEO with WordPress.

Can I translate my website to another language?

Of course you can! Many of our clients have more than one language on their website. There are free and paid plugins that can help you translate your website to a second or third language. Here’s how.

Can a videographer use your themes too?

Absolutely! Our themes were designed with photographers & videographers in mind. The best themes for videographers are: Cannes, Leon, Crowd, Kyoto, Fiji, Lovely, Milea.
But all themes support video, include some video options and allow video embeds.

Can a non photographer use your themes?

Sure can! We have plenty of non-photography businesses using our themes. As long as your content (portfolio) is visual, our designs will nicely compliment your brand. We’ve seen event planners, florists, make up artists, shops, workshops, bakers, cafes, bloggers, life coaches using our themes for their website, and it looks amazing!

Will I be able to make changes & add pages on my own after the setups team launches my website?

Absolutely! While working 1 on 1 with our team, we’ll guide you through the process and help you get to know your new website, learn how it works, how it can be updated. So you feel confident afterwards about managing it, adding new content & making changes on your own. Additionally, you have our docs & tutorials to guide you through questions & steps.

Can I keep my current website live while I setup my new site with Flothemes?

You sure can if your current website is on WordPress, or if you’re changing platforms & getting new hosting. For existing WordPress users, we recommend using a plugin called FloLaunch.

Can I add a shop to my website?

Sure you can! You can add a shop to any Flothemes website with a plugin called WooCommerce, which is free. The shop will apply your theme’s basic styling, but for further personalization and shop configuration we recommend to follow the documentation provided by WooCommerce.
An alternative, if you already have a shop on Shopify or a similar platform – you can just link it to your menu.

Is it possible to change fonts & colors?

Oh yes! All fonts and colors are customizable + you can upload your own brand typography. 

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