Flex Block

Design your own blocks

Create your own custom blocks and make your Flothemes website more unique & personalized. The beauty of Flex Block is the full control you get over the way your page blocks look. Design a tailored experience for those accessing your site on their desktop or on mobile devices!

What is Flex Block

Flex Block is a free plugin that you install on your website. It adds a new block to your Flotheme, with incredible design flexibility & freedom. No code skills or css knowledge is required. Watch this video to get a better understanding on how Flex Block works. *Theme Compatibility: Cube, Kyoto, Crowd II, Osaka, Porto II, Leon, Trento, LVY II, Fiji II, Evora, Cannes, Rosemary, Narcisse, Milea + all upcoming themes.
Customize your
mobile look
Design a fully tailored experience specifically for your mobile users. With Flex Block you get full control over the way your block looks on a phone. No more weirdly cropped images, linking or design limitations. Place your photos, text, buttons & urls exactly where you want them to be. Watch this video tutorial for a quick overview.
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