Flo Hub Change Log

== 1.3.6 =
– Fix Column Package builder editing options

== 1.3.5 =
– Fix FroalaEditor not being defined, when updating to WP v.5.3
– Style fix on action buttons on Dashboard
– Fixed deprecated PHP function warning when on PHP 7.2

== 1.3.4 =
– Fixed intermittent error notice in admin area
– Fixed z-index overlay from thank you message while having new video player on page

== 1.3.3 =
– Added alerts when message is not sent by contact form
– Added SMTP option for emails / Mailgun build-in support
– Fixed block settings options when editing the block
– Changed video player for Video elements

== 1.3.2 =
– Fixed video block not playing on Chrome, in some cases

== 1.3.1 =
- Customer Email -> Added Packages information from the submitted form
- Added Google Fonts API Key option in Settings
- Fixed error related to Google Fonts and font warnings

== 1.3.0 = – Added Slider 1 block – Added Slider 2 block – Added Slider 3 block – Added Slider 4 block – Added Slider 5 block – Added WYSIWYG new unordered list button – Added Listing block – Fixed Calculator when Inquiry form is disabled – Updated Google Font list – Added Dynamic Link / Package pre-set option = 1.2.4 = * Fixed option background position and size for desktop devices * Header centered logo layout minor fixes * Logo center template – fixed typo in unclosed tag = 1.2.3 = * Fixed multiple JS errors in Frontend related with theme custom fonts * Fixed custom theme fonts being displayed in frontend = 1.2.2 = * Pricelist creation Step by Step helper added * Changed link for documentation location * Decreased opacity for new blocks from default 0.9 to default 0.75 * Fixed block ID when a block was duplicated * Stylekit font inheritance fixed when font name was uppercased * Added Trial period on licensing * Fixed ShootQ while not creating leads in certain conditions * Replaced logo resizer with a user textual input * Mobile logo will inherit desktop logo if pricelist is created from a stylekit and no mobile logo added * Added hash link on menu navigation, also vavigation by hash * Added live screenshot of the block while re-ordering blocks * Added hover effect over blocks and spaes between while in pricing editing mode. * Added option to add blocks between existing blocks. Also top Add Block will add block on top * Mobile backgrounds will size as desktops if mobile device is in landscape mode * Font files inheritance from Evora theme. Import font option button * Compatibility with PHP 7.2, warnings fixed * Fixed video pausing on Firefox on Text Right Image Left block = 1.2.1 = * Minor CSS fixes * Custom font file name with caps bug fixed * Added option for currency space delimiter * Added random params for update requests links, to override caches on server * Added Tave custom fields options in Settings * Added “value” input for hidden fields in Inquiry form * Fixed statistics reset when duplicating or templating pricelists = 1.2.0 = * Fixed collection blocks dummy titles * Added stylekit uploader manager in Settings * Fixed Block ID when copying blocks * Fixed compatibility with WPML * Appended selected options and packages at the end of the message for inquiry integrations * Added Custom CSS block option * Fixed Alignment option for Text Blocks * New block added – Slider Full * Added tracking code after library loading, to make use of jQuery in custom JS code * Added jQuery event when pricing is loaded, to be used later in custom code * Added some helpful css classes, like pixel-width-XX and percent-width-XX * Added all froala options for extras labels * Fixed popup inquiry zindex * Added feature to resize inline font size on small and medium screens. Add “fpt-resize-pixels” for mobiles and “fpt-medium-pixels” for iPad, in block CSS classes option, to resize * Fixed “see JSON” feature opening in Chrome * Font name lowercase issue fix * Added option for currency space delimiter * Added random query link params to all plugin status requests = 1.1.5 = * Removed link credits form demo templates * Fixed Package 3 layout overflow on small screens * Added minify options as primarily loaded files, increased page loading speed. Feature can be disabled by enabling Debugging Mode option * Fixed inquiry form input sorting when there are more than 9 inputs * License check enhancements – overriding caching systems. Fixed warnings about license when license was present. Is issues still persist, try to toggle license enable/disable option. * Integrated Pixifi management system with pricing inquiry form = 1.1.4 = * Fixed Package title while being wrapped in specific tags * Fixed Angular “translate” directive used in Dashboard * Made translation feature easier to use by removing adding manually languages in Settings * Added support for translation plugins like Loco translate. The translation template POT file can be translated directly with the plugin. * Added support for translation files saved in /wp-content/languages/plugins/ directory. That’s where translations should be added from now on. * Translation manager table added in Settings * Updated deprecated functions for PHP 7.0 * Converted all ES6 code to ES5 via Babel, thus support for older browsers like Safari 9 or IE11 * Added “use strict” tag to all JS code, code quality increased by fixing strict notices * Removed screenshots for pricing listing in Dashboard. Placeholder and custom image currently supported * Fixed stylekit Amazon CDN link for demo stylekits * Added 4 new demo stylekits * Updated Google Font list with new fonts * Renamed flopricingtool_en_EN.pot to flopricingtool.pot for full plugin translation support = 1.1.3 = * Changed default background color for blocks from “#ffffff” to “transparent” * Added cache purging action on plugin update, for most of the cache plugin used on the marked and WPEngine * Updated all “http” angular AJAX calls with “then” method, instead of deprecated “success” method * Updated header message on template edit/save * Added Currency Position option – can be set on the left or on the right of the price, settable per pricelist * Updated language POT file * Fixed Inquiry searching filter * Added Custom CSS box page for every pricelist = 1.1.2 = * Fixed “COLLECTION X” bug being added in calculator in simple packages * Fixed mobile menu hamburger not being hidden when menu setting is on hidden = 1.1.1 = * Renamed option in pricing page * IMPORTANT: Fixed automatic template creation and backend being slow = 1.1.0 = * **** MAJOR UPDATE ****** * Added 16 new Package blocks * PDF generator from Pricing Page added * Complete backend / frontend string translation. Multilanguage support * Fully customizable Inquiry Form builder * Custom font manager * Inquiry dates integration with iCalendar, Google Calendar, Yahoo! Calendar, Outlook, Microsoft Calendar * New pricelist options, like Custom CSS, block colors, block alignments, height options, etc * Mobile view builder. Lots of mobile options

= 0.6.7 = * Urgent plugin uploader fix * Plugin updater information retriever fix * Plugin license warning fixes

= 0.6.5 and 0.6.6 = * Inquiry custom form bulder added * Custom form compatibility with Tave/ShootQ API services * Added total conversion rate value to Dashboard * Added Statistics page for every pricing, while editing the pricing * Added no-captcha inquiry server-side checks/spam filter * Added icon to menu builder hook * Removed “remove all menu items” button * Added Revisions for every price page * Added language select options so that pricelists can be forced to a certain language * Added Typekit font integration

= 0.6.4 = * Added string translation. All strings can be changed using the PO/MO system * Localization support. If mo file exist, parameter ?lang=languagecode will switch to that translation * Added Google Tracking Code option * Added Pricing quick view button * Custom menu functionality – custom menu entries can be added * Quantity selector background changed to transparent * Email notification contain now all selected user data and messages, both for client and for the owner * Renamed all .twig files in .html for compatibility * Textdomain changed from flo-pricing-tool to flopricingtool * Added pricing admin email option for every priceless * Language options, for adding multiple languages

= 0.6.3 = * Added option to adjust logo size * Fixed pricelist preview generation * Added functionality to manage & edit stylekits * Added ‘thank you’ message when client submits inquiry * Fixed issue with loading password protected pricelists when cache is enabled * Improved pricelist loading speed * Removed ‘Flohub’ branding from emails * Added ‘Custom CSS’ box

= 0.6.2 = * Now emails have pricing styling * Added option to have simple password protection for pricings * Added option to hide Terms and Conditions * Added separate option to show/hide Calculator * Fixed issue with not being able to deselect chosen package * Fixed issue with notifying user without login details * Performance updates

= 0.6.1 = * Fixed bug with not being able to save & remove pricelists * Fixed compatibility issues with old php versions * Fixed floating comma price issue

= 0.6.0 = * Debug mode. * Option to change the url of the pricelist. * Option to turn menu off * Menu alignment fix * Extra options quantity arrows overlap fix * Gallery issues fix

= 0.5.9 = * Fix plugin activation issue with child theme

= 0.1.0 = * First release

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