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Create & Send better price lists. PDF’s are dead, create a responsive, interactive and branded price list right in backend of your site. Generating more leads with built in CRM integration.


A drag and drop form builder for your Flothemes site. Create simple forms, view submissions and get reminders of unread emails with this easy to use form builder.

FloForms + ShootQ

Integration between Flo Forms plugin and ShootQ account

FloForms + Tave

Integration between Flo Forms plugin and Tave account


This plugin can display Instagram images in the sidebar or post content.


Create, Populate and test your New Site privately inside WordPress whilst keeping your current site live. When your ready, just launch it at the click of a button.

Flo Credits Removal

Our themes come as standard with our Flothemes Mark. If you wish to remove this and update it with your own text, Flo Copyright Removal is the plugin for you.


Create image collage layouts to display posts, galleries, pages and even external links. Just add your image, your link and add it to your page, simple!


This plugin allows you to create and use shortcodes inside posts content.


Flo Slider, slideshows made easy. With Flo Slider you can easily create and add slideshows to anywhere in your pages and posts.


Converts the ProPhoto Galleries and Grids to be able to use that content even without using a ProPhoto theme. Currently it works with PP 4 and 5 only.

Theme Updater

Get free theme updates with our Flo Updater. Make sure to install this on your site once you’ve activated your theme.


Customize your WordPress login page. Compatible with WordPress 4.6 and up. Before activating, turn off any captcha plugins.

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