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Flo Forms

Flo Forms

A drag and drop form builder for your Flothemes site. Create simple forms, view submissions and get reminders of unread emails with this easy to use form builder.

Release date: Latest update: Version:
06.16.2016 07.08.2016 1.2.1

What's New

V 1.2.1

Added option to create 2 columns blocks.

V 1.2
Fixed thedate input issue when the site was used in a different language than English
Disabled the possibility to select past dates
Added option to disable the ‘Replay-to’ email header to avoid conflicts with some hosting.
V 1.1.1
Added localization support for a few labels

V 1.1
Fixed bug that was preventing colecting the field info
if they were added in the form after section break

Added field layout option for checkboxes and radio buttons

Added option for the submit button color

Added option to use any of the fields in the email subject

V 1.0 – Initial release

Flo Slider

Flo Slider

Flo Slider, slideshows made easy. With Flo Slider you can easily create and add slideshows to anywhere in your pages and posts.

Release date: Latest update: Version:
07.22.2016 08.16.2016 0.1

What's New

V 0.1.1

Fixed the auto change color option behaviour

Fixed image sizing issue on mobile devices

Fixed issue when last slide was not visible in the front-end

Fixed back-end controls rendering when there are less than two images uploaded

Changed preloader behaviour


– Initial release




This plugin will notify you when a new theme version is available.

Release date: Latest update: Version:
04 december 2012 01.08.2016 1.9

What's New

v1.9 – Increased the request timeout.

v1.7.2 – changes related to the update process

v1.6 – If the theme is up to date make sure we do not show the update message any more

v1.5 – Added auto updates to this plugin

v1.4 – We are checking for new updates only once in a hour to improve performance

v1.3 – Optimized the way the plugin makes request to check if a new version is availabale

v1.2 – Made plugin compatible with child themes



This plugin can display Instagram images in the sidebar or post content.

Release date: Latest update: Version:
March 15, 2014 June 10, 2016 1.2

What's New

v1.2 – Added possibility to display images from several accounts by a using the
user ID and the access token for the desired account.

v1.1 – Changed the client ID to the new Flothemes APP client ID

Because of the API permissions change we can not display any more
images by hashtag or other users’s images and those options were deprecated.

Added auto updater for the plugin.

v1.0 – Fixed a conflict with the font icons

v0.9 – Fixed Crop function when “full link image link” is not checked

v0.8.1 – Added Crop image option for the shortcode

v0.8 – Added 2 new options for the image sizes:  ‘Crop 320×320’ and ‘Crop 640×640’

v0.7 – WP 4.3 compatibility fix

v0.6 – Fixed conflict with SEO Yoast plugin

v0.5 – Added option for images padding

v0.4 – Added option for horizontal image list for the Flo Instagram widget

v0.2 – Made the plugin compatible with WP 3.9 and newer

v0.1 – Plugin was released



This plugin allows you to create and use shortcodes inside posts content.

Release date: Latest update: Version:
10 September 2013 April 28, 2016 1.4.1

What's New

v0.5 – Made the plugin compatible with WP 3.9 and newer

v0.6 – Fixed jQuery conflict

v0.7 – Fixed js error

v0.8 – Adjustments to the columns and flo image shortcode for mobile devices

v0.9 – Fixed toggle issue

v1.o – Fixed compatibility issue with other plugins

v1.2 – WP 4.3 compatibility fix

v1.3 – Fixed the trimming issue for the responsive videos shortcode

v1.4 – Changed the buttons styles

v1.4.1 – Fixed Toggle shortcode view in the Columns shortcode




This plugin allows you to customize your WordPress dashboard login form.

Release date: Latest update: Version:
7 April 2014 10 April 2014 1.0.1

What's New

v1.0.2 Fixed the conflict with some themes

v1.0.1 Fixed the conflict with the ‘Settings’ menu

v1.0 – initial release



Converts the ProPhoto Galleries and Grids to be able to use that content even without using a ProPhoto theme

Release date: Latest update: Version:
11.26.2015 1.0

What's New

v1.0 – initial release

Flo Launch

Flo Launch

No need in Maintenance Mode, test your new site, while keeping your old site live

Release date: Latest update: Version:
03.16.2016 06.06.2016 V 1.0.5

What's New

V 1.0.5

Disk space verification – added additional conditions in case we can not

detect how much disk space is left

V 1.0.4

We make sure there is enough disk space before enabling the test mode, otherwise we can stop the site from working.

V 1.0.3

Added comments in the footer to be able easy to see if the user uses the plugin

V 1.0.2

Check if wp-config is writable before enabling the test mode.

Added possibility to start over with the test drive

Added the possibility to use the test mode multiple times after the site was launched.

V 1.0.1

fixed the GET param that is supposed to enable the test mode via the URL

V 1.0

Initial release

Flo Mosaic

Flo Mosaic

Create image collages that you can link to galleries, posts, and pages.

Release date: Latest update: Version:
04.25.2016 V 1.2.0

What's New

V 1.2.0
– Fixed compatibility issues with different themes

V 1.1.0
– Added 2 new mosaic types

V 1.0.0
– initial release

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