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What is FloLab?

FloLab is a structured learning group for Flothemes users who have purchased a theme and need help getting started. It’s a way to kick start your site set up with the aim of having you new site set up within 2 week.

We are initially giving this service away for free, all we ask for is a donation to the people of Palu Indonesia, to help those affected by the Sulawesi earthquake and Tsunami, find out more at the bottom of this page.

Normally pricing for this group will be $149.

Help in Making a difference

On September 28th, a 7.5 magnitude earthquake hit the city of Palu in Indonesia, followed by an 18-foot tsunami that caused massive destruction to the whole island. This left 2,000 casualties, with 5,000 still missing and presumed dead. The official search for the lost has been called off and little to no help is offered by the government.

Entire neighborhoods and communities are completely displaced, destroyed and buried under mud due to liquefaction.

When we arrived, the eye opening truth was hard to witness. We met so many that lost everything.

One of the people that has left a deep impact on us was, Milka, a local on the island, who suffered a tragedy that truly left us heartbroken. The tsunami had taken her entire family and her home. Throughout the week following the tsunami, she began to discover the bodies of her loved ones one by one under the ruble. There are many like her who have lost it all and require our help to build a new life.

We arrived to Palu without a clear agenda but with an acute awareness that these stories need to be heard. And it was our responsibility to tell them. Every dollar will go directly to the effort of restoring some of what was destroyed and to provide essential necessities for the victims. Many are without food, toiletries and basic medical supplies. We plan to help fill that need for as many as we can.

Our effort may not leave a big dent but it doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t try and do something. Anything. Join our small tribe to make a difference.

Palu, Indonesia

Process of the course:
Learn more about what is involved inside the FloLab learning group.
Structured Learning

We have created a step by step process that you can follow, that will allow you to execute and deliver your site within 2 weeks. We have created several modules over the 2 week period that will cover everything you need to know when getting started with Flothemes and WordPress.

Exclusive Group Support

Our Flo Support Gurus and our Setup Heroes will be active inside this group. Having assisted with over 2000 site launches, you can be sure that these guys have the answers to any questions you might have about your themes.

Exclusive Live Q&A Sessions

We are offer 2 live questions and answers sessions to answer any questions and how to’s. This will be in the format of a Google hangout session, so you can ask questions about your specific theme, or anything WordPress related and we can show you exactly what you need to update your site.

NOTE – we will only provide live Q&A sessions if you participate. If users are not taking part, we hold the right to cancel any live Q&A sessions. Please take advantage of these whilst you can, as this kind of group assistance is normally a paid service.

Site Critique and Feedback

We will be offer the chance to critique and offer guidance to those of you who graduate the 2 week FloLab course, for free. Again this is normally a paid service that we offer clients.

Start: Choose your date
Duration: 2 Weeks

Course Outline

We aim to deliver the course in a 2 week period. To benefit from this course you should participate in group learning and the live question and answers sessions. This way you’ll be able to deliver and launch your site at the end of the 2 week period. We can then provide any feedback to users in the group.

To benefit from this course please participate and be available for at least 1 hour per day during the course duration.

Package includes:

  • Setting up WordPress
  • Installing your theme
  • WordPress the basics
  • Creating Pages
  • Creating Slideshows and Galleries (and the differences)
  • Blogging with WordPress
  • Flothemes Tip and Tricks
  • Importance of Google Analytics
  • Importance of site speed
  • Site Feedback

Select payment options:

How to Join FloLab
It's simple, follow the 3 step process below, donate, choose a date, and get started with learning today!

01. Make a Donation

Make a donation to a good cause on behalf of Flothemes. We ask that you donate at least $30 in leu of the $200 worth of free services that we are offering. All proceeds will go directly to the people of Indonesia.

02. Choose a Time Frame

Choose from one of our 8 time frames. This will be on a first come first serve basis. Donate and choose your time early to avoid disappointment.

03. Preparation & Start Learning

Prepare any site text and images before the course begins. Make sure to complete the tutorials inside the course and attend classes. Learn more about image optimization.

Ready to start learning and create your site?

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