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Pic-Time integration with WordPress websites | FloPicTime plugin

Flothemes is always proud to connect and share partner integrations that help you provide a better client experience online. We are thankful to present a new integration option with the good folks at Pic-Time who are an on a mission to provide the best client image delivery and sales automated solution for photographers.

photo credits: Brumley & Wells photography

Quick word from Amir & Nirit:

“Pic-Time is a company that grew out of our life passions for design (Nirit) and technology (Amir). It is dedicated to elevating your photos to a successful business. We believe that the new cyberspace for client communication brings challenges but also a lot of new opportunities. With smart algorithms, we connect the dots between the gallery and the store and together with our new marketing automation we create new opportunities for the photographers in the digital era.”

About FloPicTime Plugin:

Introducing FloPicTime! Our Mission was to bridge the gap between your website and your proofing tool, allowing you to integrate the images you deliver to clients – on your website, inside galleries or blog posts.

Both our teams worked closely together to create a non complicated, intuitive process of adding your Pic-Time galleries into your WordPress Flothemes website. The plugin is absolutely Free, with a paid Pro version available for those who want to to enjoy multiple gallery layouts and get access to SEO options.

How it works:

Get started with FloPicTime in 3 easy steps:

For more details about the FloPicTime plugin and difference between the free and pro version, please check this page. For step by step tutorials on how to install, set up and use the plugin visit our documentation here.

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