Create a website that feels custom and fully reflects your brand, your taste for
aesthetics and your portfolio. No code skills required.

Make your business stand out!

Flothemes for Event Planners


Easy to Use Design

All themes come prepackaged with multiple layouts and blocks for your pages, to help you get your site up in a matter of days. You can use them out of the box or experiment and personalize, to create a more unique experience. Brand them with your own fonts, colors and icons, or use our pre-designed style kits.

Layouts that

feel Custom

Focus on showcasing your process, your best previous work, client testimonials and your offerings in a tailored, unique and impactful way.
All layouts and elements can be easily customized to serve your purpose and brand aesthetics.



With 40+ beautiful pre-made blocks at your disposal, any layout idea and page structure can easily be
brought to life. No code skills required, just drag and drop blocks around, add new ones and remove those
that you don't require. It’s easy and only takes minutes to create.
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Event Planners

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beyond your

theme's limits.

Missing a certain block inside your theme? No problem, use FlexBlock to create your own,  custom page sections. Present content exactly like you want to. You’re in full control over how it looks on desktop and mobile.

More Powerful Features

Show projects and events you’ve
worked on through impactful
videos, embedded or self-hosted.
Video Support
Tailored Mobile Experience
All layouts are responsive out of the box. You can also hide certain blocks on mobile for better UX.
Your Favorite Integrations
Integrate your favorite software & social channels, to better connect & serve your clients.

Get started today.

No subscriptions, it’s a one time fee.

There's no excuse for keeping a website that doesn't help your business grow and make more revenue. Start building a better site today!
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