A New Chapter: Flothemes is joining the Pixieset Family

We are honored and thrilled to announce a brand new chapter for Flo and our community.
Pixieset, the well-known provider for Client Photo Galleries and Websites, asked us to join forces and form a new partnership. The more we thought about it, the more excited we became about the possibilities this opportunity has in store not just for our company, but for all of our clients as well. We can’t wait to share the details of what this means for all of us.

Flothemes started as a fun, side project inside FloAgency. Our talented designers, photographers and developers, came together to create a product we believed the market was craving – a user friendly DIY website template, on WordPress, that looked beautiful and high end, was functional, and was also affordable when compared to custom solutions. That’s how our first Flothemes templates came to life.

Fast forward 8 years, and 50 website templates later, here we are – driven by the same desire to empower photographers and creative entrepreneurs to confidently present their business, sell products and services online.

As a team, we’ve always aimed to be transparent and honest with our clients about our product changes and our roadmap. We haven’t shied away from difficult conversations and questions, but welcomed them through one-on-one talks and threads inside this community. And today is no different, we want to keep you at the forefront of the discussion.

In order to reach our next level in innovation and offer the best solutions for our customers, we are thrilled to open this new chapter for web design. To give you the best technology available, we are joining a team that shares our vision and our values, and is equally passionate about supporting photographers, as we are, at a larger scale.

We’re excited to announce that we are now part of the Pixieset family!
Together, we look forward to delivering beautiful new designs and innovative tools inside a powerful platform that will support your business on all levels: from marketing and sales, to client communication and workflow management.

Why Pixieset?

Any new or established photographer knows Pixieset’s name and the products they offer. Their attention to detail, focus on the user and dedication to provide an effortless experience for anyone who interacts with their products, is second to none. Yet, what actually sets the Pixieset brand apart, is the incredible team behind it. A group of dedicated, passionate and kind people, who work tirelessly on their mission to equip and empower everyone on the journey towards running their own photography business.

Pixieset launched Pixieset Website in 2019 to give photographers an easy and fun way to build a stunning website that stands out online. In just over a year, more than 65,000 photographers use Pixieset Website to showcase their work, tell their story and market their business online. We are excited to join their effort in bringing beautiful designs and easy to use tools to the industry.

Though we are separated by oceans and time zones, both of our teams care deeply for the creative community, and are fully committed to help it flourish. Once we met and connected, it didn’t take long for us to realize that if we joined forces, put all our expertise and knowledge side by side, we can be much more impactful in creating tools that the photography community needs and deserves.

What does this mean for Flothemes users?

Nothing is changing! Our commitment and dedication to each and every one of you remains strong. We will continue supporting your theme, just as before, providing maintenance and compatibility updates, as well as new features for your Flex editor. We are still here for you!

If you’re a Flothemes client, please read this article for more details about our roadmap.

The Future

We’ve served photographers for over a decade, and we aim to continue doing so. We understand your needs and the type of experience you’re looking for when it comes to building a website and optimizing your workflow. And we’re confident that this move will allow us to bring to life our most daring ideas that serve your business even better.

Our roadmap at Pixieset is ambitious. Our common strive for building powerful, easy-to-use solutions for photographers, that bring an elegant feel to your workflow – is as strong as ever. Keep an eye on our future posts, because there are many new, exciting things coming very soon!

Flothemes Team

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