11 Free Font Combinations for Photography Websites

Have you ever struggled with finding a perfect font combination for your photography website? Typography has a big impact on they way your clients perceive your brand & personality. Choose a light or Italic serif font, and your site suddenly feels more feminine, fine-art and timeless. Go for a bold sans serif font, and users will see you as an adventurous, trendy and daring persona.

Not sure what we mean? Check out the 2 images below. These are 2 different style kits for our Osaka theme. We modified the typography, colors & images to offer a new styling direction for our clients. Though the structure is similar, you can immediately notice how the whole personality of the website design has changed. Even if we would have kept the same imagery & colors, and just swapped the fonts – your perception of the portfolio & brand would be different. That’s how impactful the right combination of fonts can be.

If you’re reading this, it means you need a hand of help figuring out what type of font pairings to use on your photography website. We’ve put together 11 beautiful font combinations for you to use on your website & enhance your visual message. These are all Web Fonts, hence can be downloaded for free and will beautifully display across all devices!

font combo 1
Image By: Diane Villadsen

Cormorant Garamond (H1 & H3) – Download font.
Crimson text (Body) – Download font.
Antonio (Meta & CTA) – Download font.

font combo 2
Image By: Jane Iskra

Averia Serif Libre (H1 & H3) – Download font.
Nunito (Body) – Download font.
Patua One (Meta & CTA) – Download font.

font combo 3
Image By: Diane Villadsen

Ramaraja (H1 & H3) – Download font.
Quicksand (Body) – Download font.
Reem Kufi (Meta & CTA) – Download font.

font combo 4
Image By: Erich McVey

Pinyon Script (H1 & H3) – Download font.
Cormorant Garamond (Body) – Download font.
Montserrat (Meta & CTA) – Download font.

font combo 5
Image By: Jordan Voth

Old Standard TT (H1 & H3) – Download font.
Montserrat (Body) – Download font.
Spectral (Meta & CTA) – Download font.

font combo 6
Image By: Nicole Mason

EB Garamond (H1 & H3) – Download font.
Libre Baskerville (Body) – Download font.
Overpass Mono (Meta & CTA) – Download font.

font combo 7
Image By: Brumley and Wells

Sorts Mill Goudy (H1 & H3) – Download font.
Open Sans (Body) – Download font.
Lora (CTA) – Download font.
Alex Brush (Meta) – Download font.

font combo 8
Image By: Danelle Bohane

Forum (H1 & H3) – Download font.
Roboto (Body) – Download font.
Cormorant (CTA) – Download font.
Didact Gothic (Meta) – Download font.

font combo 9
Image By: Jinky Art

Herr Von Muellerhoff (H1 & H3) – Download font.
Open Sans (Body) – Download font.
Lateef (CTA) – Download font.
Roboto Condensed (Meta) – Download font.

font combo 10
Image By: Jordan Voth

Anton (H1 & H3) – Download font.
Tinos (Body) – Download font.
Lateef (CTA) – Download font.
Playfair Display (Meta) – Download font.

font combo 11
Image By: Juan Luis Rojano

Alice (H1 & H3) – Download font.
PT Sans (Body) – Download font.
Alice (CTA) – Download font.
Sacremento (Meta) – Download font.

Inspired for your website?

The trick to working with various font combinations is to experiment until it feels right for your brand & photography website. Thankfully our FloLaunch plugin allows you to test out all those fun and daring ideas on a clone site, without the stress of messing anything up on your actual site. Go the extra mile, tweak not only fonts but also some color options inside blocks or your whole site background. Beautiful things may result! We believe in you!

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