Font Kits
For Photographers

Have you ever struggled with finding that perfect font combination for your website? Typography has a big impact on they way your clients feel on your site and perceive your brand. Choose a light or Italic serif font, and your site suddenly feels more feminine, fine-art and classical. Go for a bold sans serif font, and users will see you as more adventurous, trendy and confident. We’ve put together 5 beautiful kits with font references for you folks to use for your themes, and mesmerize future clients! Ever better, you can download them for free!

Font Kit 1

Image By: Brumley and Wells

Font Kit 2

Image By: Danelle Bohane

Font Kit 3

Image By: Jinky Art

Font Kit 4

Image By: Jordan Voth

Font Kit 5

Image By: Juan Luis Rojano


See Them In Action

To help you get an idea of how these font combinations would add a certain vibe and mood to your theme and website, we’ve applied 2 of them to Porto. Notice any difference? Any of these 5 font kits can be easily applied to your own Flotheme. Choose the one that works best with your style of work and aesthetics.

Download All Five Font Kits


Click below to download all 5 font kits for your website for free. We’ve included more examples of how these font combinations would look on various pages, with some guidelines of where to use each font (headings, body text, etc). Enjoy!

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