Start a WordPress Site in 7 Days

Does the thought of creating a website scare you?
No idea what to do to start presenting your business online?
Look no further.
With our Getting Started with WordPress in 7 days course, we aim to give you all
the information you need to get started with WordPress from zero,
no coding knowledge needed, in just 7 days, for FREE.

What's Inside

Find out more about whats included in our 7 Days of WordPress course.

1. Why WordPress

Find out more about WordPress and why you should use WordPress for your business.

2. Hosting & Domains

Find out about types of hosting, why choosing hosting is important for your business, installing WordPress and how to select a good domain name thats memorable.

3. Choosing Themes

We cover details on how to decide on a WordPress theme, some popular theme providers, and how to install your new theme.

4. WordPress Basics

In this section we explain the basics of WordPress, how to log in, different types of content, categories and tags, and details on the media library.

5. Adding Content

In this section you'll learn how to create pages, posts, how to set your main menu, using sidebars and widgets and more.

6. Plugins

In this lesson we explain what are plugins, some recommended plugins that are great for any business including caching, backing up your site, translating your website, adding eCommerce and more.

7. WordPress SEO

In lesson 7 we explain how you can implement SEO into your WordPress site easily, and some hint and tips on how to create better content for your users.

8. Bonus Content

In our bonus section we include further resources for more great WordPress content, some of Flothemes top posts and the top 10 trouble shooting issues with WordPress.

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