15+ Awesome Gift Ideas For Photographers

Some of you may wonder what gift to get for that special person who’s also a photographer. Or perhaps you’re thinking of treating yourself with some goodies? Well, this article may come in handy. The list below is a sum up of ideas and suggestions we gathered from over 180 photographers from all around the world, so trust us we know what we’re talking about when we say “please no Canon lens mugs!”

A fresh and beautiful website design on the other hand, may be just the perfect present for a photographer and their business.

Most Requested Gifts for Photographers

Now, here are some of the top requested gift types:

1. Massages or any type of Spa procedure

Gift cards were THE MOST REQUESTED type of present for a photographer. No wonder, many of them have had a hectic busy season, working long hours first at the wedding/photo shoot, then in front of a computer screen, editing images. Multiply that by at least 20 and you’ve got a really awesome and tired creative, who needs some proper care, pampering and relaxation. So do consider this, above all items mentioned below!

2. Camera and / or camera lens

There’s never too many, most photographers would agree. These are their favorite toys and tools to play with. If your budget allows, find out which brand and lens they are daydreaming about – Leica, Fuji, Canon, 85mm, 35mm, etc, and get one. Perhaps they’ve been thinking of giving film a try, or have always wanted one of those polaroid (instant) cameras. Options are endless here.

3. Vacation / Time off

This one is pretty close to #1. We all need to rest. If you can, plan big and take them to a different country, some place they’ve always wanted to go. Otherwise, plan a hike, a short road-trip to the ocean/seaside, get them a free pass to National Resort or some place new and exciting. As long as your photographer gets some time off, when they can switch off their brain, reboot, find some new inspiration and sights/experiences – it’s already the best gift ever.

4. A good bottle of wine

Joke or not, a good bottle of wine, whiskey, tequila or any other liquor will do just fine for a good  present (hey, this is all based on stats and answers we’ve gathered *wink ).

5. Camera straps

Next in line are camera straps (which we’ll mention later in this article) and various gift cards and vouchers for B&H, Amazon, Adorama or any other shop that offers a large variety of gear, technology, etc.

A few more fun things to consider, before we jump to the list itself. These were mentioned once or twice, but we love the idea and felt the need to spread the word:

6. Editing elf

Editing elf or any type of free outsource for editing. While Santa’s elves may be free right after winter holidays, perhaps some cool, popular presets may also do the trick. We’ve gathered over 40 Best Preset Packs for Photographers that you can check out and get some research on.

7. Book a session

Book a session with them, then buy some prints as well. Clients means business and income. If you’ve never been photographed by them before, could be a fun experience, right?

8. Health Insurance

Might not be the “cool” type of present. But if your photographer doesn’t have an insurance, this is one of the most caring and thoughtful things they will probably ever get.

But a puppy or a kitten will also do.

More Gift Ideas for Photographers:

9. Storage space

There is never enough when you work with tens and hundreds of GB of images and video content. So getting them a bunch of memory cards, or a good external hard drive – will get them head over heels. Examples: La Cie External Hard Drive, G-Technology 1TB G-Drive Mobile Hard Drive with Thunderbolt, etc.

10. Batteries or portable travel chargers

Again this is invaluable, especially when they travel a lot for work, or do mostly outdoor photo shoots/weddings. Just make sure that the batteries are compatible with the camera the photographer uses.

11. Software or Studio Management subscription

These can simplify and bring more structure to their workflow and daily routine. If your creative doesn’t use any, and has a lot on their plate – they will love you for this. Examples: Photomechanic, JPEGmini, Fundy Designer, any of these studio management tools, Smart Slides, Pic-Time, Narrative, and so many more.

12. Education

It can be a ticket to a workshop or conference, an online course, a mentoring session with a photographer they admire a lot. A book or a subscription to their favorite magazine. There are so many options. Examples: Way Up North, Grain Festival, Cosmos Gathering, Rural Workshop, Burn Workshop, Burn, India Earl’s workshops, mentoring sessions with Katch Silva, Phil Chester, Nicole Ashley, etc. This list can go on forever, as options are endless.

13. Fun & cool gadgets

Anything from a cool instant phone photo printer (Fuji and Polaroid have some really good ones), to a portable speaker, a Lightroom controller (Loupedeck or Palette Gear), a drone, etc. Or perhaps these awesome lens caps.

14. Camera bags, straps and backpacks

Think about it. Your favorite creative works long hours at events, carrying heavy gear (a few cameras or camera lenses and other equipment) on their shoulders, always on their feet. While a spa or massage gift card is amazing, you can also solve this issue by eradicating the root of the problem. Get them one of those good camera harnesses and/or bags. So the weight of all their heavy gear is balanced correctly. Examples: HoldFast Gear & Ona are some of the most popular brands in the industry. Also check out this great review by Shotkit on best camera backpacks for photographers.

15. New headphones

A part of a photographer’s job is engaging in lengthy editing sessions. A pair of good quality headphones might become their best friend during these long hours of tedious work. No matter who the photographer is: a music lover who doesn’t particularly enjoy working in silence or a multitasker who likes editing and learning (read as listening to podcasts and/or audio books) at the same time – some good quality headphones might be an amazing gift for them. It’s even better if the headphones are noise canceling, as these will help the person stay focused at all times.

16. Lights

Any photographer will tell you that good lighting is the key to a good picture. And while it’s not possible to always rely on natural light, studio lights will never let down. Bring light (literally!) into their life by gifting a set of studio lights for their professional photography or a phone ring light to step up their selfie game!


We hope this fun & comprehensive list gave you some ideas and inspiration for the upcoming holidays! If you’re not getting yourself a present, don’t be shy, share this list so your friends and favorite clients see it and know what to get you. Also, treat yourself this year with a brand new website design by Flothemes! Check out this page for all out hottest deals!
Happy Upcoming Holidays!

With Love,
Flothemes Team.

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