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We know that many of you (veteran Flothemes clients, as well as photographers who have just stumbled upon Flothemes and are considering getting one of our designs for your photography website) have been wondering about the differences and benefits of getting one of our newer themes, built on the new framework vs. the older ones, built before December 2016.  We would like to get rid of the elephant in the room, and give you a crystal clear understanding on this matter. Also, we’ll share a brief interview with Diana & Sam from Green Antlers Photography, about their experience with their new Osaka theme, compared to Pilot or Cozy that they have used before.

First things first, these are the themes built on the new backend:


While we have always worked diligently, and put much effort and creativity into crafting the most beautiful, image centric and easy to customize website themes for photographers (and videographers), WordPress kept imposing its own complexities and rules. That’s when the idea of building a new, improved framework came to life. Offering a pleasant and beautiful experience for our clients and their users is of key importance to us. That is why we focus on making our website themes beautiful on the outside, as well as on the inside (your dashboard).

Trento theme backend overview

flothemes new backend Trento theme wordpress website-gif

Once you switch to the new framework, here are some of the enhancements and perks you will get and love:

1. Flexible & Customizable Page Templates.
2. Drag & Drop Page Builder
3. Flexible & Customizable Page Blocks
4. Integrated Documentation & Tutorials
5. More Control & Flexibility over Your Mobile/Tablet Website
6. Fully Customizable Font Options & Font Management
7. Easier Website Management


Now, some feedback and thoughts from a client, who has worked with both, our older themes – Pilot and Cozy, as well as one of the new ones – Osaka. Diana and Sam, from Green Antlers Photography shared about their process, about brand maturity, choosing a new theme and revamping their website:

How long have you been using Flothemes?

I believe we started using Flothemes in 2013? Or maybe 2014? I know it was Winter in the UK, we were a bit discouraged and with a pen + paper in our hands, we did some brainstorming and came up with the name Green Antlers Photography. Sam drew our first logo (which we just scanned on our cheap printer and used as a logo until earlier this year). Must give credit to George Cibu for designing our new logo for us this year, his work is pretty awesome!
That day we decided it was also time for a proper website, too, so that’s when we found you guys on Facebook.

Which themes have you used before for your website?

Pilot was our first “baby”. Then Cozy when he grew up a bit. Now Osaka, as he’s more mature. Still our baby, though! (smiles)

Green Antlers Photography, 2016. Cozy theme


Why did you decide to update your website? Why Osaka theme?

For two reasons: first – I believe it was love at first sight. It seemed so slick, we both just loved it.
Secondly, because we’re so aware of the importance of SEO for business, we liked the fact that there is so much text that can be added, without looking like it’s too much, but as if it was part of the design. And text is always a bonus, especially on the homepage. So it was a mix of practicality and cool design.

Green Antlers Photography, 2017, Osaka theme


How was the process of working with the new theme & new backend?

To be honest, quite easy! Probably easier than before, because I was already used to Flothemes. Still discovering little details, but once I got going, it was pretty quick. I pretty much built it in between our baby’s nap times (smiles).

Have you noticed any changes since you’ve released your new website?

Oh, yes!! We left Google analytics open the entire week after launching and pretty much non-stop there was someone on the site!
We also put more effort into launching it – we did a FB live, an Instagram live + send our first Newsletter ever to everyone in my email list, to announce the new site. All of these were very scary and new to us, but we went full in and there were definitely great results! Got so many emails from friends and former clients! Now, I’m aiming to blog once a week, as we shot so much this Summer, so let’s see how we keep the traffic going!


What do you love the most about your new website and theme?

The fact that you can pretty much know everything you need to, only from the first page. And it makes people curious to check some other pages, too.
I am pretty sure we’ll keep changing layouts and design as time goes, like we did with the other themes. It takes time until it has the shape and form best fit for our brand and usually we make it more simple, never more complicated.

You’ve focused on SEO a lot more with this new site. Why and has that been productive?

SEO is my BFF (wink). Although I only scratched the surface with it, it’s been revolutionary for our business. We get such a big percent of our inquiries from google, and for that we’re super grateful!! We even got to teach some other peers some tricks for their websites and it’s been so rewarding! I do spend a lot of time on the back end of our website as Tom Robak, your SEO guru always gives me some work to do! I still have lots of Alt text to add and so many more things, but it’s forever improving and I think that’s what I love the most: it always keeps me on my toes, there’s something you can do everyday for your business. And it’s so worth it.
And now… Abel is awake, so time to end this, too. Perfect timing (smiles).


If you’ve read our article on How Design Affects Your Business Growth, you know that getting a website revamp helps you reposition your brand at the stage where it hits a new maturity level. It also helps filter the type of clients and projects you attract. It bumps up your SEO, and offers you a great excuse to test out and increase your pricing lists. And since the new framework and improved backend experience considerably simplifies the website redesign and management process, the question is why are you still waiting?

You can do it offline, during a weekend, in between your baby’s naps, or outsource the whole setup and customization process to Flo team. Especially since we’re offering a Bundle deal – $48 Off if you get a theme + Advanced Setup package. Code: Lucky48

Time to get a website that you are proud of!
A website that sells your work and personality!

Flothemes Team.

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