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Who is HoneyBook?

HoneyBook was established by four friends who were in the middle of planning their major life events and stumbled upon painful paperwork, countless contracts, emails, phone calls, vendors and all those other small details that take up so much time and energy.

The founders soon realized that this is a common struggle for many people, and after speaking and collecting feedback from multiple creative businesses and their clients – HoneyBook came to life. Their slogan is “Book fast. Get paid Faster” which clearly describes the purpose of this amazing tool – to simplify and improve your workflow, saving you time and allowing you to book more clients.

Why use HoneyBook?

HoneyBook simply allows you to manage all of your enquiries from start to finish. Everything from collecting leads, to billing, accounting, tracking tasks and automated email marketing and workflows. HoneyBook will save you time, and allows you to focus on the more creative aspects of your business.
Improve Client Communication
Manage Client Contacts
Track Payments & Expenses
Simple Task Management

HoneyBook Pipelines

HoneyBook Pipelines is where you’ll track all of your clients inquiries from start to finish. Once you get them into your pipeline, you will be able to move them through each of the stages you have created right up until delivering your images to the client (if the client decides to book you). This will help you with your sales funnel and keep you on track with client communication and closing out important client leads.

It really gives you a much simpler way to track clients, no more need for complicated and cumbersome spread sheets or piles of paper used to make notes about clients. Even better, you get to decide on the different stages in your pipeline making it unique for your business and processes.

Create Templates

Save time with pre-created templates.

Do you use templates for invoices, pricing packages, contracts, questionnaires, emails etc? Add template to cut down on time spent sending the same thing over and over to clients and simply add them into your new projects.

If you have existing templates Honeybook will even move them over when you first sign up with them.

Questionnaires, Invoices, Proposals, and Contracts

Collect the information you need with questionnaires, send out proposals with pricing and packages, collect payments with invoices, and lock in those deals with contract. Use templates to make this even easier. Just send templates at different stages in your pipelines, include them in your emails when communicating with clients and streamline your communication process.

You can even send automated follow ups, no more forgetting to follow up to get information, or to get paid. 

Website Contact Form Integration

Integrate your HoneyBook contact form directly on your site with a contact form embed. This means your inquiries are going directly into your HoneyBook account as a new project. This way you can start the process of bringing your potential clients through your sales funnel.

Automate your Workflow

Use Honeybooks workflows to really automate your sales pipeline. Send pre-prepared emails to clients, collect useful information with questionnaires, create tasks, and send pricing brochures.  This is great for moving them along your pipeline and keeping those leads warm. Emails can be automatically sent when a client gets to a certain point in your pipeline.

You can even send yourself reminders when a client is not responding or the lead is starting to get cold. Spend less time preparing the same thing to be sent over and over again and start automating your business.

Exclusive Partner Offer

As an exclusive HoneyBook partner, we’ve been able to secure 50% off paid plans for your first year with HoneyBook.

If client management and communication has been an issue, it’s time to improve your client workflow, save yourself more time, and even increase bookings.

If you’re still not sure, sign up for a free trial, and give it a try. To claim your discount, follow the link below.

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