Why is Hosting Important?

Choosing a hosting provider should be one of your highest priorities when making business decisions. Cost should not be the only factor considered when you decide on who to host with. Using this method will lead to an underperforming site, it will impact the way your website works, how fast it loads, as well as how secure and backed up it is against hacks and server crashes. All this can lead to a bad experience for customers, and loss of business for you.

What's the difference between a shared hosting and a cloud hosting?

Long story short, the main difference is connected to the speed and performance of the website, here is an article, where you can read more about it.

Is it worth to invest in a better option only because of speed?

Yes, speed is currently one of the most critical aspects of the experience your site visitors have, when accessing the website. It’s also an important SEO criteria based on which Google ranks websites on the web.

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