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India Earl’s Photography Secret Ingredient – Interview

India Earl, Flothemes

India Earl

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A young and incredibly talented photographer based in the middle of the mountain area in northern Utah. She loves adventures, skydiving, snowboarding, hiking, dogs and thai food. Her “weird, crazy and most adventurous” husband, who makes her life interesting and full of surprises, does all her activities with her. Meet India Earl, the photographer who has taken over all our Explore Instagram pages with her stunning photography, full of passion and hot summer vibes!

To find out the secret “photography ingredient” of her remarkable style and way of seeing and capturing her subjects, we knew we had to learn what this lovely lady is all about. Luckily, India agreed to share with us 3 stories about her most memorable and favorite photo shoots. Also, check out her website, which is based on our Osaka theme. 

India Earl, Flothemes

Hey India, how did you start in photography?

It’s been 4 years, 2 years professionally! (smiles) I got a camera in high school, and I started by just taking pictures with my friends for fun. Then it turned into a little job for me so I could make money, by doing my friends’ senior pictures and their family pictures, and now I completely specialize in weddings!

What inspires you?

Mostly I find inspiration in the way two people interact together. I love to have my clients be part of the creative process with me, so that we are working together, not just me working for them. It has made such a huge difference in my work and I can tell how much more people appreciate what we create together, rather than creating on my own. I love to capture what is quirky and unique about each couple’s love, because every love is different.

India Earl, Flothemes

If you could start all over again, would you do anything differently?

“I wish I would have gone full force at it sooner than I did!”
I am 20, so starting a business at 18 was scary and so I only did it part time until I turned 19. Now I’ll never look back! I also wish I went to more workshops when I was starting, especially ones about creativity. They help you progress and push yourself in ways you cant do on your own! Connecting with other creatives is such an amazing way to find your personal style and learn.

Tell us about 3 most memorable photoshoots that you had


A shoot I got to be a part of during a workshop down in Zion’s National Park, taught by the amazing Blush Photography. I had to learn to fully embrace direct light that day. Thats all we shot until we lost the sun. I finally stepped out of my comfort zone for the first time, and I instantly improved and pushed myself creatively and technically. We did things like putting harsh light on half of her face, and harsh shadows on the other half. Then we would have to figure out how to angle and pose her so that it created what we had in our heads, which is always harder than I think it will be! I wish I would have do it sooner! It was such an amazing learning experience and I left feeling so excited and inspired.India Earl, Flothemes
India Earl, FlothemesIndia Earl, Flothemes


I recently traveled to San Diego to shoot a wedding, and it was exactly my style! We started the morning off by grabbing some getting ready shots. Little did we know was that one of the bridesmaids was going to cut open one of the hotel feather pillows and start throwing feathers everywhere! It turned into a huge feather pillow fight and was the best way to start any amazing wedding day! Later in the evening we chowed down on tons of amazing Mexican food, danced, and ran around the streets of San Diego together. It was amazing! I got to be so much more creative than I usually can be at weddings! Everything was styled incredibly and it reminded me why I love doing weddings. It wasn’t about the details or the fluff, it was simple and it was about their love and their family.India Earl, FlothemesIndia Earl, FlothemesIndia Earl, FlothemesIndia Earl, Flothemes


“I had never shot indoors before, and had never shot with this couple before either. So I was pretty scared, considering I was going for a really intimate moody feel, which isn’t always easy to get out of people you JUST met.”

I got to shoot in a newlywed couple’s home last week and had so much fun! I had never shot indoors before, and had never shot with this couple before either. So I was pretty scared, considering I was going for a really intimate moody feel, which isn’t always easy to get out of people you JUST met. We talked for a bit, we threw on some music, pulled the bed out of the dark corner of their room, and just started shooting and creating together. I would take turns with JP and Julie thinking of ideas and poses and what we wanted to make! It made the shoot so fun and relaxed, there’s no way we could have gotten such great shots without their creative input. The photos of course turned out really great and everytime I look at the them I can tell how much they love each other – from the way he looks at her and how she is so calm with him. Again, I got to step outside of my box and shoot inside! Now, I wish I could always shoot inside and have it turn out that great, haha!

India Earl, FlothemesIndia Earl, FlothemesIndia Earl, Flothemes

Gear: I use a Canon 5d Mark iii. My go to lens is the Sigma 35mm f/1.4, I hardly ever take it off my camera!! 99% of my work is from that lens, I also use a Canon 50mm f/1.2 sometimes when I need a closer shot and also a Tokina 11-16mm f/2.8 for dance parties at receptions! I also have a Canon 6d I use as a backup camera body.

Favorite Presents: Pretty much any VSCO presets! Pack 5 is my favorite. I love them, they help me achieve the filmy look I want every time. I have also been trying out the LxC Tribe Archipelago presets, and they have been fun to play around with!

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Favorite Playlist: I have a vinyl record player, and I usually put on Ben Howard, Rebolution, Iration, James Bay, or anything reggae or blues!

Favorite Books: I’m not big on books, I never have time to read. But, I do listen to lots of podcasts since I drive so much for photoshoots! I’m obsessed with the Serial podcasts (like everyone else haha) and a new podcast by two photographers, called The Epic Podcast. I would totally recommend both of these podcasts, Serial because of obvious reasons (who doesn’t like to feel like a scandal investigator haha), and The Epic Podcast because it has helped me think about wedding photography in a new light! I love the way they talk about the industry and they have a new topic every week, and it’s all totally relatable stuff! I learn from it every time I listen to it, it’s totally not boring either. Books on tape and music can’t usually hold my attention, but these two podcasts always suck me in!

Life Motto: “The only thing standing between you and your goal is the bullshit story you keep telling yourself as to why you can’t achieve it.” – Wolf of Wall Street
“Comparison is the thief of joy” – Theodore RooseveltIndia Earl, FlothemesIndia Earl, FlothemesIndia Earl, Flothemes

Now, that you have been introduced to India Earl’s fun and beautiful world, you know what to do! There are no secrets or special ingredients – there is hard work, vision and continuously pushing your limits, acknowledging your fears and constantly challenging your comfort zone. We can’t wait to hear how this interview inspired you to go shoot something different! Also, if you’ve fallen in love with India Earl’s website, take a look at Osaka theme or drop us a message and we’ll help you choose a design that suits your portfolio and branding best! 

With Love,
Flothemes Team.

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