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5 Things You Miss Out On While Using a Legacy Theme

Table of Contents:

Benefits of Updating to a newer Flothemes design

How old is your website? Are you still using one of our legacy themes (launched over 3 years ago)? Or have you switched to another platform since, but miss the unique aesthetic and helpful support team at Flothemes, and considering a move back?

Either way, know that since then our WordPress themes got a whole lot easier to use. They’re more intuitive, and offer the flexibility and customization freedom you need to build a truly unique, attractive and impactful website. After all, that’s the purpose of any website – to attract, intrigue and get users inspired enough to contact you, then smoothly guide them to your contact form and convert them into leads.

But you’re here to learn about the benefits of switching to a newer Flothemes design, right? Let’s jump straight to that. Know that at the bottom of this article we’ll share a huge 40% discount for all themes, in case you’re ready to upgrade.

Not quite there yet? Keep reading to see how Flo can provide you with a more powerful tool to build a memorable and outstanding website for your online business:

1. Build Your Site Faster | Easier, More Intuitive Dashboard 

Since your last experience with Flothemes, the backend of our templates got a lot simpler, easier to use and navigate. We’ve introduced a drag & drop builder that allows you to easily tweak predefined layouts or create completely new pages per your preference. Each theme comes with over 40 pre-designed blocks that you can use like Lego to build your own pages – drag and drop them around, add new ones or remove those you don’t need. As simple as that. These blocks include options for sliders, featured posts, text and image blocks, testimonials, press publications, quick links, buttons, videos, instagram feed, headers, and so much more. 

We want to make the process easier and more intuitive to help you build and launch your new website faster. Hence, we’ve introduced this year FloCopy, a functionality integrated inside all our current themes, which allows you to copy existing blocks with all their content to other pages. It’s a real time and energy saver, and here’s how it works.

Though each theme offers a variety of options and possibilities (tens of block combinations that can help you create a unique page structure) you can still go beyond your theme’s predefined layouts with FlexBlock (see Point #4).

2. Custom Look at the Price of a Template 

You’ll be surprised how customizable and fully packed with options the new themes are. We’ve seen clients create truly unique and incredible websites, without a single line of code or CSS. All it took, is applying their own branding to the theme and playing around with the available blocks and layouts, breathing in new ideas and purposes to each section.

The new themes also allow you to tweak margins, colors, fonts, shapes, buttons, headings, even the block visibility on mobile or desktop devices. That’s right, you can choose to show certain sections only to your desktop or mobile users, for a better and more impactful user experience. 

GIF showing some options

Need more proof? Here are a few of our favorite examples of clients using a theme and fully adapting it to their own style, personality and brand aesthetic.

A website should not just look good, it should tell users who you are and what it would feel like to work with you. 

3. Pre-designed Styling Directions Applied with One Click

You might have noticed that most of our themes display in their demos not 1 but 3 or 4 site variations. Each one is very different in terms of looks and feel, yet built with the same theme and page layout structure. These are Style Kits. A style kit is a design direction created by our team, to help you get a certain vibe & look for your website with one simple click. It’s also meant to help you visualize how the same theme can change its look completely, simply by applying different branding to it. Basically, if you change the fonts, colors, icons, and add your own portfolio to it – the theme transforms. Now, imagine if you also play a bit with the structure of your pages, move some blocks around, create a few new blocks with Flex (see Point #4) – you’re guaranteed a one of a kind site that will stand out, intrigue and attract more clients. 

Of course, to attract clients, you’ll also need to meticulously curate the images/videos that you show on your homepage, have original and relatable copy, personal notes and fun facts on your site. Converting a user into a lead is a complex process, but it all starts with an impactful introduction to your brand, which is the way your website looks and feels.

When you purchase a theme, you get access to all its style kits and can experiment to see which one fits your brand best. It’s a one click type of action. You can also use FloLaunch to make changes offline and test your ideas before pushing them live. No risks, only a safe environment to explore your creative ideas and vision. 

4. FlexBlock | Don’t Be limited by a Template

If you’ve been secretly piling up design ideas and website inspiration in a folder or Pinterest board, know that it’s time to bring them all to life. And no, you won’t need to hire a developer or take a coding class for it. FlexBlock, our new exciting design tool, allows you to easily create new blocks or page layouts for your website.

Place your images, texts, videos, buttons, links and other elements anywhere you want them. Add parallax, autoplay background videos or fun branding icons. You are in full control of how it looks on desktop and on mobile, and can easily tweak things by drag and dropping elements around. 

The only limit is your own creativity, you can choose to create just sections, or build out entire pages like some of our clients do – from header to slider, to blocks and footer with an Instagram feed. You can find an example on Gatis Ločmelis’ website and Vicky Baumann‘s.

FlexBlock is compatible with all themes released after January 2017. You can easily add it to your Flothemes site, like any other plugin and it will appear in your All Blocks list.  For more details on FlexBlock’s functionality and capabilities, go here.

Know that we’re still passionately working on FlexBlock to bring more amazing, new, features to it. Upcoming are sliders, animations, conditional logic, bulk actions, a templates system, and so much more. Here’s the full Roadmap.

5. Powerful Plugins & Integrations

As you know, WordPress’ beauty is that it can always be extended in functionality with third party plugins and integrations with your favorite software and tools. There are over 50k plugins available in WordPress’ Repository, each offering some kind of sweet customization option or enhancement for your website. With Flothemes, you also get access to several plugins we created exclusively for our Flo clients, such as:

FloSupport – have all your documentation, useful articles and site building resources in one place, integrated inside your site dashboard. Easily find relevant tutorials by a simple keyword search, + submit support tickets and ask for help straight from your dashboard, while building and managing your theme. The FloSupport plugin is compatible with all current themes available on and can be downloaded from your My Account area.

FloLaunch – set up your new theme offline, on a clone site, while keeping your current website live. No downtime, no Coming Soon pages or lost leads. No risks in breaking your current website. FloLaunch is available for all WordPress users (Legacy Flothemes users, ProPhoto users, etc.)

*We’re currently rebuilding FloLaunch to make it more interactive, intuitive and helpful in your website building process.

FloForms – always wanted more flexibility when creating your contact form? More fields to add, more styling options or conditional logic? We’ve rebuilt FloForms to offer you exactly that. Your contact form will always look good and apply your theme’s styling. More details here.

FloInstagram – offering your potential clients a few ways to connect with you and follow your work is crucial, hence, we’re rebuilding our Instagram plugin as well, to offer you more layout variations and control over how your Instagram showcase looks on your site (it can be a live feed or curated images linked to your account). You’ll also be able to connect various Instagram accounts on different site pages. A wonderful option for those who own several accounts for each type of service they offer. This also allows you to add your personal Instagram account to your About page, if you want to.

Check the full list of Flo Plugins here. 

Risks of Keeping an Old, Outdated Site

Still with us? You rock!
There’s one more aspect we need to tackle in this article. What may happen if you choose to stay with an old, outdated website theme? Sadly there are a few risks that you need to be aware of, as they directly affect your site’s performance, security, as well as the experience your potential clients receive when accessing and browsing through your site. These are the following:

Limited Integrations with new software and plugins

Some hosting providers no longer support PHP 5.4-5.6. This is the version that our legacy themes function on at their best. Updating our legacy themes to newer PHP versions would require rebuilding the entire theme from ground up. At the same time, if you do continue to use an outdated version of PHP (5.4-5.6) with time you risk encountering more incompatibility issues with newer versions of WordPress (especially Gutenberg) as well as various plugins installed on your website. Not to mention the security vulnerabilities discovered in older PHP versions, which have been fixed with PHP v.7 and above.

Save yourself the trouble and frustration of having to put off fires, fix issues caused by lack of compatibility.

You May Be Offering Poor User Experience 

Your users’ preferences and aesthetic taste change as rapidly as the digital world and web design trends. Which means, what was popular and exciting 3-5 years ago, may be considered “rudimentary” and “boring” today. This applies not just to the way your website looks but also to the way it functions and the experience it provides to your site visitors, especially on mobile devices. Is it impactful? Does it load fast and smooth? Does it look good? Does it help them find the right information and guide them through your work to your contact form? These are important questions you need to ask yourself, if you want to increase your site traffic and get more leads (read as revenue) via your website. Otherwise, why even bother and have a website?

You’re Prone to Security Breaches & Hacker Attacks

Frankly speaking, new or old, any website can be hacked. The experience is stressful and painful, especially when you lose information and have to build everything from scratch. However, older, outdated websites rely on older technology, hence are at a higher risk of getting hacked. Don’t let this happen to you. Make sure you keep your site, theme, plugins and extensions up to date, or upgrade if any of them are no longer supported (as it is the case with some of our legacy themes). 

Also, check out these 12 steps to make your site more secure.

You’re Limited in Design & Customization Options 

Unless you hire a developer (and sometimes a designer), keeping an old, outdated theme can feel like having your hands tied. With so many amazing website examples out there, so many ideas cooking in your head – it’s just sad to not be able to implement any of them due to an outdated, limited framework. But the issue here is way deeper than just lack of design freedom. Think of the way an old, boring website influences your business. Does it attract new clients? Does it get users excited to work with you? Does it show who you are? Probably not, or not enough to be fully confident about it.

And obviously FlexBlock is not available with our older themes. Why limit yourself of the opportunity to design your website exactly the way you’ve envisioned it?

Support is Paid

Support for legacy themes is paid. The reason behind this is the fact that all of our themes are a one time payment, not subscription based products. Taking this into consideration, all one time products have a limited period of free support. All legacy themes were created 3+ years ago. The only way to make them compatible with current technologies (PHP, WordPress, plugins), is by rebuilding them from ground up, otherwise we have very little control over how your legacy theme will work with newer tools and software. The time required to debug, investigate and understand why specific issues occur is lengthy, with multiple variables impacting your website.
That is why the support for legacy themes is paid.

How to Upgrade

Ready to take the plunge, upgrade your site and make your business more noticeable and captivating in the online world? Fantastic! This will not only bring you more confidence, but will also help you attract more inquiries!

There are only 4 steps to take:

Choose a theme.

Here are all available designs. If you need help with narrowing down your choice, here’s a quick guide. You can also message us here for a recommendation based on your work and business needs. 
Note: If you choose the wrong theme, you can easily switch for FREE to another theme within 30 days after purchase.

Apply your discount.

Apply code LEGACY40 at cart page for a huge, exclusive 40% discount on any theme. We want you to enjoy the new functionality, freedom and design possibilities offered by our current themes, hence this deal is as great as Black Friday and expires at the end of this month.

Documentation & Tutorials.

Here’s a video explaining what the process of moving from a Legacy theme to a new theme looks like. Your posts and galleries get transferred to the new site, and you will need to re-build your main pages with the blocks available inside your theme. Use FloLaunch to work on the new site in test mode, while your current website stays live. Follow the instructions for your specific theme + take a look at this article for step by step guidance. If you hit any questions or issues – our Support Team is always here for you, to help. 

Launch your gorgeous new website.

Maximize its exposure and start enjoying more compliments, traffic and inquiries from clients you actually want to work with. There’s really no excuse for postponing your brand’s growth. 

Final Note

This article is not meant to push you to upgrade to a new theme, rather educate you on the difference of our old framework and the new one. It’s an absolutely new, exciting website building platform, and the only regret you may have after upgrading is “why haven’t I switched sooner?” It’s that good, and we’re saying this based on over 700 positive reviews we got on Facebook.

The choice is yours, and we’re here to assist you with any questions, recommendations and the sweet 40% Off financial support. Connect with us here if you’d like to learn more. 

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