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León: A Trendy Multi Purpose Theme For Photographers!

We’re adding a flavorful new addition to Flothemes, to refresh your long editing hours and cold November evenings. Introducing León – a dynamic, fun and fresh addition to our website theme collection!

With the end of the year so close, and many of you getting ready for booking season 2018, curating your galleries and revamping your websites – this playful, multi-purpose website theme is exactly what you’ve been looking for!

8 Reasons why you will love León

Of course there’s more than 8, but we’ll keep it short.

#1. Who said website templates should be boring and minimal? Bring out that fun personality and awesome quirkiness of yours, draw attention to your beautiful work and stories through León’s dynamic layouts, playful colors and spacious asymmetry! It’s all about creating a memorable first impression, and helping your future clients envision the wonderful experience they’ll have while working with you!

Not a fan of playful, vibrant colors? No problem, we’ve added a second, more classic and timeless stylekit for you to use. León is a versatile, all purpose theme, which means – it will easily accommodate to any brand style and media portfolio, be that destination and lifestyle, portrait and editorial, wedding or fine art.

#2. León is beautiful straight out of the box! It’s built on our advanced backend with drag and drop functionality, which allows you to easily customize all pages (you can use the predefined templates, or create your own custom page structure), add your content and launch within days! Hey, we’ve had clients customize website in between baby naps, it’s that easy!

If you’re new to WordPress and Flothemes, don’t worry, we’ve got your back! We offer a full list of tutorials and documentation (also integrated into your theme’s dashboard) to guide you through each step of the process, and have a dedicated support team, available to help with questions and bumps on the road.

#3. A multitude of beautiful, multi-purpose blocks to help you bring your most exciting and remarkable website ideas to life. And since all colors, fonts, and page blocks are fully tweakable and easy to customize, León is the perfect tool to create a personalized and unique look for your website and portfolio showcase.

#4. More character and playfulness for your homepage. There are 4 beautiful slideshow options at your creativity’s mercy. Choose a full screen or framed slider, with customizable colors and overlays, to add more story to your images, and invite users into your galleries right away. Pair it up with a trendy bold header or a playful menu appearing on the side (see example below) and you have a modern, charming homepage to intrigue your clients with.

#5. We understand the importance of showcasing your galleries and posts in a fresh, modern and impactful way. That’s why we’ve packed León with gorgeous variations of card and grid views (most allowing you to display your images in their original proportions, and combine vertical and horizontals), beautiful horizontal and vertical sliders, stylish Previous/Next post previews, and so much more! Just go ahead and check out both Style 1 & Style 2 demos.

#6. More options, than what you see in the demo! We’ve crafted some predefined templates such as the About, Investment, Testimonials, Contact pages that you can easily build by using León’s available page blocks. But do not limit yourself to these, tweak the layouts if you need an Education, Publications or Special Projects page. Layout options are countless, when you have the right tools for it (and you do!).

#7. Beautifully displayed images.. and videos, across all devices! With León you can easily embed videos into your posts, predefined Video blocks and your homepage slideshow. The last one also supports self hosted videos. And of course it will all look stunning on any device, and allow you to hide certain page blocks from your mobile site, to offer the best possible experience to your mobile users.

#8. Of course it’s SEO! Since you get to use the most powerful website building platform in the world (WordPress), you also get to enjoy tons of SEO flexibility. Follow our recommendations and get easily found by Google and your ideal clients.

As mentioned earlier, León is all about self expression! It’s a multi-purpose website theme, which will look stunning with any brand style, be that fine art, wedding, editorial or bold and modern. The León and León Light stylekits serve proof to that. It won’t be difficult to stand out in 2018, and get potential clients curious about your work and personality – when you’re building your website with this powerful design. Now go ahead and add some flavour and charisma to your website!

If you want to get a better look at León from the inside, check out this video or comment below!

Flothemes Team,
Supporting You. 

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    Nicolae Lozovan

    09:36 November 30, 2017

    That's a really great theme! Bravo!

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