Non-photography Websites Built with Flothemes templates

One of the most frequent questions people ask us on social media is: “Will your website designs work for my make-up (design, event planning, educational, you name it) business?”. The answer is always a big YES. Flothemes are suitable for any brand. If your goal is to present your work in a visually appealing and impactful way – our themes are perfect for you. No matter what you’re looking for – a ready out-of-the-box template that looks good and requires you to only add your content, or a fully customizable template where every element can be moved around and personalized – Flothemes will perfectly fit your needs.

If you’re one of those people who’d rather see once than read about it 10 times, we’ve prepared a list of 20+ amazing non-photography websites built with Flothemes. We’ve sorted them into 7 categories: Design/Branding Websites, Interior Design/ Architecture Websites, Event Planning Websites, Education Websites, Food Websites, Blogs, and Others. Scroll down to find the category that interests you, or look through all of them to get a good charge of website inspiration!

Design & Branding Studio Websites

Ledv Studio

Branding, Web & Graphic Design | Built with Trento theme

Natahsha Priya

Design, Illustration & Photography | Built with Cannes theme


Creative Agency | Built with Lyra theme

Atelier Preface

Web Design & Branding | Built with Lyra theme

Crystal Kam

Branding & Web Designer | Built with Mono theme

Interior Design, Architecture & Rentals Websites


Decoration Shop | Built with Trento theme

Fotoloft Düsseldorf

Photo Studio Rental | Built with Trento theme


Villa Rental | Built with Evora theme


Furniture Designer | Built with Fiji II theme


Architecture & Interior Design | Built with Fiji II theme

Principe di Salina

Boutique Hotel | Website built with Fiji II theme

Event Planning Websites

Idyll Studio Co.

Floral & Event Design | Built with Milea theme

A Prestige Planning

Wedding & Events Planning | Custom Flothemes Website

Lovecraft Events

Event Design & Planning | Built with Milea theme

Education Websites

Female Frames

Photography Convention | Built with Narcisse theme

Camp Collective

Photography Workshop | Built with Narcisse theme

Erica Powell & Co.

Business Coaching | Builth with Lovely II theme

Food Related Websites

Bäckerei Bauer

Bakery | Built with Evora theme

Happy Mood Food

Food Blog | Built with June theme

Blogger Websites

Les Voyages de Tao

Van life & Travel Blog | Built with Fiji II theme

Margo & Me

Fashion & Lifestyle Blog | Built with Evora theme

Other Kinds of Websites

Bek Wa Goro

Writer & Filmmaker | Built with Verso theme

Aude Quellec

Osteopath | Builth with Evora theme

Small Brown Writes

Wedding Calligraphy & Stationary | Built with Narcisse theme

Peggy Timmermans

Make-up Artist | Built with Lyra theme

Poser Photobooth Co.

Photo Booths | Custom Flothemes Design

Mona Mück Brows & Beauty

Brows & Beauty Studio | Built with Elise theme

Atelier Froidevaux

Tattoo & Beauty Studio | Built with Lyra theme


It’s amazing how the same template can look so unique and different on two different websites, right? We hope this article helped you realize that it’s not about the theme you use, but about how you customize it and make it yours. We have actually proven this point in our last week’s article called “Custom Website for the Price of a Template? Yes, that’s real!” You can read it here.

Still have questions? Send us a message here!

Flothemes Team,
Inspiring You.

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