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25 Photography Websites built with Lyra (That Will Make You Jealous)

Last month was a very special one for us, as we’ve welcomed our first three Flexthemes – Verso, Elise and Lyra. Seeing how excited you guys were to try them out was, and still is, absolutely delightful. And, while all three of them received a warm welcome, there was one that became the superstar of the collection – Lyra. 

Lyra was created with educational and commercial brands in mind. It is for those who want to clearly present their ideas, while keeping it stylish and charismatic. It works great for active photographers, creatives who offer mentorship, as well as stylists, bloggers, planners, and many more.

They say that “a picture is worth a thousand words”. In our case, a website example is worth any lengthy description. Check out these 25 beautiful websites built with Lyra and see for yourself how versatile this website design is! 

Darian Kaia Photography | Wedding & Elopement Photographer

Hafenliebe Education | Educational Resources for Photographers

Tove Lundquist | Wedding Photographer

Robert Marcillas | Wedding Photographer

The Grays | Elopement Photographers

Oydin+Mei Photography | Wedding Photographer

Becca Jean Photography | Family Photographer

Corey Lynn Tucker Photography | Elopement Photographer

Naomi Hewitt Photography | Newborn Photographer

Shilpa Iyer | Food Photographer

Candida & Max Jan Wedding Photography | Wedding Photographer

Bianca and Lukas | Wedding Photographers

Caitlyn Cloud Photography | Wedding Photographer

Rosenlee Photography | Portrait & Wedding Photographer

Kim Hildebrand | Newborn & Family Photographer

Phil Chester | Wedding Photographer

Eric Cheng | Elopement & Wedding Photographer

Baptiste Hauville | Wedding Photographer

Ash McMahon | Wedding Photographer

POLYLUCHS | Creative Agency

Sebastien Bicard | Wedding & Elopement Photographer

Atelier Preface | Creative Agency

Manuel Diaz | Wedding Photographer

Heather K. Purdy | Wedding Photographer

Cedric D. Vincent | Wedding & Elopement Photographer

Inspired yet?

Aren’t they beautiful? We hope that looking at these websites will offer you inspiration on how to present your brand online and bring to life your ideas, no matter how daring they may seem at first. Never forget to stay true to yourself and your style. Make your website the digital embodiment of your brand and it will remain in people’s memories hours after they close the browser window.

Still haven’t picked up a new website design for 2020? Get Lyra here, or choose any other theme from our shop. All are on sale now.

Flothemes Team,
Inspiring You.

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