Pic-Time: A Powerful Up Selling Tool for Your Photography Business

As you know, here at Flothemes, we’re always on the lookout for amazing tools and products that could help your business grow, become more efficient, successful and fruitful. Whether it’s branding, website building, SEO, editing, delivering images or up selling your clients, we want to help you optimize each step of your workflow. From the moment you get an inquiry, to moment you exchange the final thank you with clients that you’ve worked with.

In this article we’re going to explore Pic-Time, who offer more than just beautifully designed, minimalist online galleries. They also offer a powerful UP SELLING tool for your photography business. If you don’t like selling, or don’t really know how to do it, Pic-Time could make a huge impact on your future revenue. Apart from delivering a gallery, the Pic-Time system will pitch your clients with all kinds of personalized products, that very few moms, grandparents or best friends will be able to resists.

Pic-Time: A Powerful Up Selling Tool for Your Photography Business, How to sell more
image credits: Jennifer Moher

After testing Pic-Time for a few days, we’ve broken down our favorite features into 4 main categories:

  • Features that will make you happy (aesthetics & functionality)
  • Features that will make your clients happy (user experience)
  • Features that will help you sell and get more revenue
  • Features that will help you get more traffic and rank better on Google.

Exciting categories, right? The thing is, we truly believe that Pic-Time has all the necessary tools and functionality to significantly simplify and improve your workflow, your visual communication with clients, as well as your sales and SEO key indicators.
Let’s go through each in more depth:

Design & Functionality

Of course we’ll start with the way Pic-Time looks and feels (read as works). As designers and photographers, aesthetics is a very important aspect for us. Good design, is as little design as possible. It shouldn’t distract your viewers from the content, the message and call to action. And when this seamless design also provides a smooth and intuitive experience for its users, you’re interacting with a brilliant product.

How to Sell More & Increase Photography Revenues with Pic-Time
image credits: Nicole Mason

Here are a few more things we love about Pic-Time:

  • The clean, minimalistic aesthetic is threaded throughout their whole system. From the layouts for their galleries, greeting cards and album covers, to the polished structure of their backend dashboard. It’s all about focusing on the photographs and creating an impactful presentation for both, your clients and YOU, the Pic-Time user.
  • As we’ve briefly mentioned above, Pic-Time is not only about online galleries. You get access to a whole Client Store, filled with products such as: albums, frames, greeting cards, calendars, coupons, and so much more.
  • Though you already get a perfectly clean, polished look for your galleries, there’s still room for experiments. You can choose to enlarge certain landscape images from your gallery, to highlight the important moments and hero images, and therefore create a bigger impact on your viewers.
How to Sell More & Increase Photography Revenues with Pic-Time 1
image credits: Nicole Mason
  • It literally takes you minutes to create a gallery. You just need to select the images, and your gallery is ready, while the high resolution files upload in the background. A very convenient feature.
  • You can also use Pic -Time as a communication tool. It allows you to build workflows and automate processes. For example, with the signature Client Selection tool you can send branded email invitations to your clients, asking them to select images. The system keeps tabs on the selection process, can limit the amount of images and send automatic reminder emails for you. Also, you can create and send out the design for an album, calendar, etc straight from the store using the images your client selected. Super easy.

User Experience

Well, you obviously care about your clients’ experience, as much as you appreciate the perks and benefits that this software can bring to you and your business. And apart from the beautiful products that you’ll be creating for your clients and their guests, here are 2 additional features you should know about:

  • While viewing a gallery, your clients can create on their own an album, a calendar or greeting card with those photos. The process is super simple, you’ll just need to set your prices, and that’s it! Your customers enjoy this extra flexibility, while you make more sales effortlessly.
  • Those of you who do destination work and have clients all around the globe, will love the Multi Price List feature. It allows you to designate specific labs for specific stores and assign those stores to individual galleries. In this way, your clients can continue to shop locally, even if they are hundreds or thousands of miles away from you.

How to Sell More & Increase Photography Revenues with Pic-Time 4

Up Selling

If sales is not your strong point, don’t worry! Pic-Time offers plenty of tools to help you boost your sales and increase your revenues without getting out of your comfort zone. The system will pitch additional products to your couples and all their guests, without any extra effort from your side. Here’s how:

  • Your shop includes plenty of different products that you or your clients can create on their own, using the images from their gallery, without leaving the gallery. This helps maintain a strong emotional connection, enhance the impact of the photographs and easily lead your viewer to checkout.
How to Sell More & Increase Photography Revenues with Pic-Time 5
image credits: Nicole Mason
  • The smart analytics and algorithms create a personalized shopping experience for your clients. The Pic-Time system tracks how each user views the galleries and places the images with the most engagement directly into the store product homepage. Again increasing your chance to sell more.
  • You can schedule email campaigns with interactive coupons, some time after the gallery delivery date, to reignite those important memories. As people get more sentimental with time, these campaigns can bring in some new product and print requests, therefore new sales for you.
How to Sell More & Increase Photography Revenues with Pic-Time 6
image credits: Nicole Mason

How to Sell More & Increase Photography Revenues with Pic-Time 7

  • You can also collect email addresses from visitors of specific galleries and share targeted coupons with that specific community. Now, everyone from their mom, grandparents, friends and bridesmaids can purchase a product (image print, album, greeting card, frame, etc) straight from you.


Have you been working hard on your SEO for the last couple of months (or longer)? Well, your SEO strategy shouldn’t end at the footer of your website. The team at Pic-Time know how important discoverability, keywords and search engine optimization is, so they’ve included a few SEO options within their galleries:

  • Your Portfolio Page has a special field called SEO, which allows you to add relevant target keywords that you’d like to be found by on Google and other search engines.
  • Pic-Time has their own JPG optimizer that reduces your image sizes, without altering their quality. This helps create a faster and better user experience for your clients, who get a fast loading gallery.

One last feature, which deserves it’s own spotlight is the amazing team behind PicTime and the great customer experience they provide to all their users, be that through their live chat support and emails, through their blog and social media channels, or at workshops and conferences that they have been actively attending this year.

How to Sell More & Increase Photography Revenues with Pic-Time 8

Excited to try out Pic-Time?

We hope this article gave you a good enough picture on the capabilities and potential of using Pic-Time for your business. If you’re curious to give it a try, sign up right now for a FREE 30 day trial.

With Love,
Flothemes Team.

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