We look forward to partnering with you, and supporting your following with our products. To make it easier for you to use our brand materials when you need to share, or promote Flothemes, we have created multiple kits that you can download below.


You can easily download our full logo files in multiple color formats here. We have put our brand files into vector, photoshop and png files ready for web or print.

Download logo files


Download our logo mark only for a banner or watermark here.

Download mark files


If printing or making a keynote with any materials that include our branding, please make sure to use the correct color swatches provided here.

Download swatches

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As a partner we are ready to help support you whenever you may have a workshop, promotion, giveaway, special event. If you would like to request a giveaway code for our products, or a discount code, or join our affiliate program to earn, select one of the options below to submit your request.

Good to Know

Our partnerships are casual. We focus on improving our tools to benefit both our business and yours. We do have a few expectations from our partners which are below:

  1. Let us know your suggestions on how we can improve our product, add new features, add ons and keep moving forward.
  2. Help Testing & Sharing our new products when available.
  3. Cross Marketing through sharing a promo
  4. Offer Giveaways for your events or sales.
  5. We like to give back, if you have someone in mind that desperately needs a product who cannot afford it, we would be happy to offer a hook up.
  6. Have a workshop or educational event, we would be happy to help.

Giveaway Prize Codes

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