Meet Pronto Users
Using the new Pronto theme with FlexBlock was an absolute dream when designing my new site. Having something that provided me with much more control over customizing every part of my site, while also having that process be intuitive/simple made it possible for me to create something unique that truly represents who I am as an artist. The ease of customization combined with the amazing support from Flothemes made it possible for me to have a site that I’m incredibly proud of. Can’t thank them enough!
Molly and Mark
We found Flothemes, and our mind was blown. As soon as we discovered Flothemes, not only did we fall in love with the high-end, beautiful templates but we were completely sold by the new intuitive design process that the Flex editor offered. Rather than being frustrated with the limitations of previous website builders, using the Flex editor was a total gamechanger and made designing the new website a pure joy.
Jeremy Chou
I’ve been using Flothemes websites for the better part of my career, and I am constantly amazed at the compliments I receive on my website. Their themes are clean, modern, and easy to navigate. Not to mention the great customer support I receive from the entire team. I’d highly recommend Flothemes to any creatives looking to elevate their brand!

What is Pronto and what does it do?

Pronto is a new, fully rebuilt, lightweight theme core, powered by Flex and fully integrated into WordPress’ ecosystem. Apart from offering a simpler, more streamlined process of building your pages and posts, Pronto delivers faster loading times, better performance results and is optimized for Google’s Core Web Vitals update. You get more options, more flexibility + get to keep using Flex, our custom block designer. 

What is Gutenberg?

Gutenberg is WordPress’ default editor. It was released back in 2018 and introduced a block-based system that allows you to create pages and posts, easily, by drag and dropping blocks around. Before, with Flothemes, you had a separate area, where you could add WP content and use Gutenberg blocks, yet those options were fairly limiting. After upgrading to Pronto, you’ll be able to access all Gutenberg native blocks, and mix them easily with Flex and Flothemes blocks, in one editing area. It’s super simple and makes the process more intuitive. 

What are the terms to upgrade to Pronto All-in-One and how can I do it?

If you’re an existing Flothemes client, when you log into your account on you will find more information and the terms for upgrading to Pronto All-in-One. Those who recently purchased a theme, support subscription or style kits subscription, may be eligible for a discount. All this information you will find inside your My Account area.

If you’re new to Flothemes, you can subscribe to Pronto All-in-One for $169/year.

My site is already on Pronto theme version, does it make sense to upgrade to Pronto All-in-One?

It all depends on your website needs. As a Pronto user, you already benefit from the new theme core, optimized for performance. You also get to enjoy more Gutenberg native options when designing your website. By upgrading to Pronto All-in-One, you will get access to an exciting library of Flex blocks (300+), all the style kits that we currently offer, as well as 40+ ready made page templates to help you build/update your website fast.

Can I use Pronto All-in-One on multiple websites?

The license for Pronto All-in-One is applicable to 1 domain at a time. The Pronto theme files cannot be activated on several domains at the same time.

What happens to my website when I decided to cancel the Pronto All-in-One subscription?

If you decide to cancel (not renew) your Pronto All-in-One subscription, you will lose all control over the Flexblock editor. This means that you will not be able to edit any existing Flex blocks (including the header and footer), and you won’t be able to create new Flex blocks. You will also stop receiving any updates and support for your website. Yet all your pages will remain intact on the front end and will be available for your site visitors to browse through.

I recently launched my new site, do I need to do loads of work again to upgrade to this?

If your current website is built with a Flextheme – the upgrade to Pronto All-In-One won’t take too much effort. You’ll be provided a migration plugin, that will help you transfer your Flex blocks. Your blog posts and galleries will also transfer. Most of the work will involve – rebuilding the header, footer, contact form, newsletter block, the global layouts and the structure of the pages with a custom layout enabled. 

How easy is the upgrade?

For Flexthemes users, it’s a couple of hours, up to a day of work, depending on how much content and pages you have on your site. For a Classic or Legacy theme user – upgrading involves the same amount of work as switching themes and rebuilding everything. If you use Flex blocks with your current Classic theme, you’ll be able to transfer them into Pronto All-in-One, by manually exporting and importing them. 

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