Rank Math SEO Plugin for WordPress. Is it worth trying?

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There is a multitude of WordPress plugins for SEO. Most of us know about Yoast. It’s installed on more than 5 million websites at the moment, which makes it the most popular SEO plugin for WordPress. However, there are lesser known alternatives which work as great and offer multiple features to manage your page SEO.

In this post we’ll briefly review Rank Math – a fairly new SEO plugin, which aims to dethrone big names or at least provide a lot more options than their competitors.

What is Rank Math?

Rank Math is like the new kid on the block. The team who developed this plugin, calls it the “Swiss Army Knife of WordPress SEO” and truthfully, it’s a title well deserved. You’ll be pleasantly surprised with the number of options and features that this plugin has to offer.. for free.


At the moment, Rank Math has over 80K active installations and its community is growing quite fast. Its developers masterfully incorporated all the key features that Yoast offers + added a good amount of new, much needed options (see section below), for which you’d usually need to use separate plugins. 

Rank Math vs Yoast

First of all, it’s important to note that none of these plugins guarantee you 100% success. We recommend using them to make your pages and site more SEO friendly, by adjusting various On Page elements, such as: titles/descriptions, internal links, sitemap, redirects, etc. While each of these plugins can offer you basic suggestions on how to improve your content, you still need to follow SEO best practices to get more organic traffic to your website. 

Now back to our comparison. 

Though Yoast is an established plugin with features and integrations tested out for years by thousands of users, we like Rank Math because it comes with a set of fresh and useful options:

  • Setup Wizzard
  • Compatibility check
  • Yoast settings importer
  • Backup settings (we love this one)
  • Support forum & documentation
  • Enable/disable modules
  • Works fast and provides a good UX
  • Integrated SEO analyzer

To unlock some of the features described above (SEO analyzer, 5 focus keywords per page/post analysis, support forum, etc) you’ll need to sign up and create an account.

Things we like about RankMath

Since Rank Math offers a huge amount of options, we will mention only the features that are not preset in Yoast, or those that would require a separate plugin.

Here are some of them:

  • Extended rich snippets support
  • AMP compatibility (accelerated mobile pages)
  • 404 error monitor
  • Redirects (301, 302, 307, 410, etc.)
  • Role manager
  • WooCommerce compatibility
  • Add missing Alt attributes
  • Up to 5 keywords for content analysis

Things we don’t like about RankMath

Although Rank Math is a great plugin, it’s not perfect. If you are not an SEO geek you might find it a little overwhelming when you start using it. 

Here are some things we find confusing:

  • Redirect settings are a little bit confusing
  • Image attachment settings are not clear. You might end up with issues similar to the Yoast bug
  • There isn’t a fully built-in support for custom fields or ACF (advanced custom fields). The plugin now supports this feature, but theme providers need to tweak their themes to make them compatible. Happy to announce that we did! Read the next section for more details.

Rank Math and Flothemes

All our currently available themes are compatible with RankMath and its Content Analysis feature (make sure to update your theme to its latest version to enjoy this). The plugin can scan the content and provide SEO suggestions for pages created with Flothemes blocks. 


Please note: Since our design blocks are based on custom fields, some content might still not be seen by Rank Math. However, most of the pages should be fine and compatible with the Content Analysis tool.

Bhanu Ahluwalia, CMO at Rank Math, was happy to assist our development team to make sure the integration works smoothly. If you’re curious to see what other things they’re working on and pushing live, check here

If you are using our latest Flex builder, the Content Analysis tool won’t be able to see the content inside flex blocks. In this case, we recommend you to use this handy online tool created by Yoast.

Should I switch to RankMath?

Rank Math is definitely a good alternative to Yoast. It’s a handy tool for your on page optimization, content analysis, redirects, rich snippets, etc. But just like any other tool, don’t expect it to do SEO for you. 

Is it worth trying? If you want to be in full control over your SEO and don’t want to use multiple plugins (as they can slow down your website or create conflicts with other 3rd party tools), you might want to give it a try. Especially since switching is so easy:

  • If you’ve never used an SEO plugin before – install RankMath and run the wizzard, it will guide you through all the required steps.
  • If you’re currently using Yoast or any other SEO plugin – install RankMath, run the wizzard, export your current SEO plugin’s settings and import them into Rank Math.

Update: at the end of last year Rank Math released a premium version of their plugin. It includes multiple advanced features like: keyword rank tracker, custom schema builder, video and news sitemap, Google Analytics and Google Trends integration, etc.


SEO is definitely a long term, ongoing process. No matter which tools you decide to use, always focus on providing high quality content, getting more backlinks and making sure your site is SEO friendly. As this increases your chances to succeed, get more traffic and hopefully convert that traffic into paying customers.

If you are willing to learn more about SEO and how to improve your organic ranking, download this comprehensive guide. It’s a must have SEO guide for every photographer.

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