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SEO for Photographers

We’ve gathered everything a photographer needs to know about SEO in one comprehensive guide. Get your free copy, improve your site’s performance and get found by Google, and start booking your ideal client!

Client Magazine Guide

Do you want to get your time back to do the things you enjoy? Use our Client Magazine Guide template to educate your clients, answer all their FAQs, recommend preferred vendors and partners and get back that valuable time from answering the same questions on repeat.


Font Kits for Photographers

Have you ever struggled with finding that perfect font combination for your website? We’ve put together 6 beautiful kits with font references for you folks to use for your themes, and mesmerize future clients! Ever better, you can download them for free!


Free B&W Presets

Create crisp and clean black and white images with 2 wonderful presets provided by Presets.co.

Checklist: Building a Site

Got a flotheme, or considering to get one, but not sure where to start? Worry not, we’ve got your back! Just follow the steps and recommendations mentioned in this checklist, and you will be just fine!

Pre-Launch Checklist

Finished working on your new website? Whoop, whoop! We know how hard you’ve worked, but before you share that launch announcement, make sure you go over this checklist, to ensure a there are no errors or gaps.

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