SEO Audit For Photographers

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Who is this service for?

This service is aimed at all photographers who want to find out how good is their website SEO, how to improve their organic ranking and get more traffic. We will review your website and identify your weak spots in terms of SEO and explain how to improve it to get better results. We will review the following:

  • Index status and crawlability
  • Technical SEO (canonical tags, alt tags, schema, robots.txt, xml sitemap, etc.)
  • Mobile friendliness
  • Security (https)
  • Site speed (mobile and desktop version)
  • Social media (Open Graph and Twitter cards)
  • On page elements (meta titles and descriptions, headings, textual content, etc.)
  • Local SEO (optional)

What will you get?

You will get an extensive SEO report in PDF, listing all issues that have been found on your site and suggestions on how to fix them. We will include links to resources that will help you implement the suggestions by yourself. We will also review and fix your most critical issues. Here is what info and fixes you’ll get:

  • SEO report in PDF with suggestions
  • Yoast SEO configuration
  • Search Console configuration
  • Google Analytics configuration
  • Sitemap submitted correctly
  • Review of Yoast bug (if applicable)
  • Canonical tag issues
  • Robots.txt issues

What are the steps?

  1. Purchase SEO Service
  2. Complete submission form including relevant site details
  3. Provide access to Google Analytics and Search Console (if you have them set up)
  4. We will perform the site audit and produce a report
  5. Report will include details on how you can solve issues
  6. We will review / fix your critical issues

How to improve my SEO ranking?

Once you will get the SEO report from us, you can start following the suggestions and adjusting your website. SEO is a long term investment and is based on hundreds of factors (more than 200), so there is no guarantee that you will get results instantly or show up on the first page in Google search results. If you will focus on making your site fast, secure, mobile friendly and SEO friendly – you’ll get more chances to succeed and get more traffic. We are here to help you out.

Note: We don’t promise you 1st page results in Google organic search (and nobody can). SEO is a long term, ongoing process that requires a lot of time, effort and attention. So, keep up the good work and you will have more chances to succeed.

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