Are Flothemes SEO Friendly and How to Improve my Ranking?

SEO Friendly WP themes

In this article we will review the most important SEO elements for a website, we’ll let you know how our themes are meeting those criteria as well as advise you on ways you can maximize your flotheme’s potential to get a better ranking with Google. Please note that certain optimizations require an SEO plugin, which you can easily install and configure on your site.

Having an SEO friendly website is important, obviously. That’s why we are working hard on making our awesome WordPress themes SEO friendly. Currently, all our themes are SEO friendly and include a multitude of features and options to help you build a strong SEO strategy. You may wonder, what does SEO friendly actually mean?

Well, here is an overview of the most important elements and things you should know and care about when it comes to SEO.

1. Site security

Have you moved to HTTPS already? If not, we urge you to implement HTTPS on your site ASAP. It’s an important ranking factor, hence can increase your chances to rank better and build trust with your users. We’ve prepared a quick guide for Flothemes users on how to implement it on your own. Though we highly recommend you to get professional assistance, as failing to move to https correctly can result in a long list of errors that will hurt your SEO and site performance. You can hire our team to implement it for you.

2. Responsive design

Responsive design is a must in 2020. Know, that all our themes are mobile friendly and look great on all kind of devices. Want to test whether you site is mobile friendly? Use this tool. Also, make sure your site is compatible with mobile first index, which was recently rolled out by Google. it’s an important ranking factor.

3. Site speed

Your site should load in less than 4 seconds. Otherwise, you risk losing your site visitors and potential customers, simply because they won’t have the patience to wait till your website fully loads. You can choose to speed up your WordPress site on your own, by using diverse plugins & tools. However, if you don’t have the time or the desire to work on this, you can hire our team to do it for you – by getting our site speed service.

If you’ve ever tested your site’s loading speed, you know that some of the best tools to use are PageSpeed Insights by Google, GTmetrix or Pingdom.

Here is an example of how our latest theme Elise performs in PageSpeed Insights:

Elise theme

Mobile score


Desktop score


To get the most  of our products in terms of performance, consider choosing our latest generation of themes called Flexthemes. They include multiple built-in features meant to improve your site speed and SEO.

Most common issues are “Optimize images” and “Serve Scaled images”. You can fix these issues and improve your site’s performance by following these steps:

  1. Before uploading any images on your site, always optimize them. This ultimate guide on saving images for web will help you.
  2. When you create specific sections on your site using Flothemes blocks, keep in mind that the images on those blocks will be resized accordingly. We use srcset attribute to serve the most appropriate images to your resolution. If you create a block with a very large image and some text beside it, you might get an issue in GTmetrix. To solve this, simply resize your image. Here are the most common image sizes you should use with your Flothemes site.

Please note: your PageSpeed Insights or GTmetrix score is highly influenced by your website design, images and other plugins that are installed on your site.

4. Technical SEO

There are multiple on page SEO elements you should keep in mind. Some of them we’ve listed out below. Our team continuously follows the latest SEO trends & updates, to keep our themes SEO friendly & offer you as many search engine optimization options as possible.

  • Site crawlability – your site should be easy to crawl by search engines. All text and images in our themes are visible to search engines and site navigation is structured well. To check your site’s crawlability, type (replace with your own site name) in Google search to see all textual content and internal links on your site. If any important information is missing, you know where to start looking for issues.
  • Canonical tag – this tag will help you avoid duplicate content issues on your site (For example: and are seen by Google as 2 different websites). If you use Yoast plugin, it will add the canonical tag automatically.
  • SEO friendly URLs – are important for both search engines and your users. WordPress makes this job easy. This brief SEO guide will show you how to do it.
  • Usage of headings – including headings on your pages (H1..H6) is possible in our themes. You have the option to add them right within page blocks. TIP: Add your main keywords in headings and only use one H1 per page.
  • Internal/external links – if you set up your site with Flothemes, you’ll have the possibility to link to related blog posts, using a dedicated block. You can also include external links by using the “Links” block. In both cases you get SEO points wrapped in a beautiful design.
  • Social sharing – social media is a great network for exposure. That’s why this option is available by default with our templates. If you frequently share your content on social media networks, make sure you also adjust your image thumbnail for social media, so it always looks catchy & beautiful.
  • Structured data – want to have rich results in Google search results? Here is how to implement rich snippets on your WordPress site

6. Analytics

Tracking your traffic and results is vital for your business, marketing and SEO strategy. With Flothemes you can add a piece of code into your theme and start tracking your metrics instantly. The beauty of it – Google Analytics is a free tool and you can set it up with our themes without advanced knowledge of coding.


Our goals is to provide you websites that look exceptional, have lots of handy features, are SEO friendly and are covered by professional support. SEO is a long term process that pays off only when you continuously work on it. We are here to help you by offering SEO rich features inside our themes as well as resources and education, to ensure that you succeed!

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