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At Flothemes we believe in offering services for photographers that matter.
Those that can help you change the bottom line for your photography business.
SEO is not only about keywords. That’s why, we are now offering 3 SEO services for your site.
One for site speed, one for securing your site and one for a full site audit.
Both of these items are important SEO factors to Google and improving both can increase your overall site rankings.
The added bonus of a fast and secure site is increased conversions.

SEO Services Photographers

SSL Service

Add an SSL certificate (little green lock in the browser) to your site to show your users that your site is secure.

Sites with HTTPS will now rank better in Google search results, as they are deemed more secure for users.

You’ll also notice that sites with HTTP are now being flagged as unsecure. Prevent losing clients by adding SSL today.

Learn More Here.

NOTE! You are required to own an SSL certificate prior to using this service.

Completion: 3 Days

SEO for Photographers

Speed up Your WordPress Site

Site speed matters. In fact Google announced that it will be using speed as an SEO factor last year. This means faster sites will perform better in search engines.

This will be particularly true on mobile searches. With over 50% of traffic coming from mobile sites, increasing site speed has never been more important.

With our Site Speed Optimization service we aim to increase your overall site speed, letting Google know that you’re serious about your website.

Purchase, complete the form, and then just sit back and relax as we speed up your site, and finally we will provide you with a report with changes and next steps.

Learn More here.

Completion Time: 7 days


SEO Audit for Photographers

Let us analyze your site and find out how you can improve your websites Google ranking.

This service is aimed at all photographers who want to find out how good is their website SEO, how to improve their organic ranking and get more traffic.

We will review your website and identify your weak spots and fix any urgent SEO issues. We then take this further by providing you with a report that explains your next steps so that you can start improve your site for get better SEO results.

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