Setup Service Agreement between Flothemes and Client

This Agreement has been last updated on the 21st August 2023.


These terms and conditions (“Agreement”) govern the Pixieset Setup Service (“Service”) provided by Flothemes (“Provider”), acquired by Pixieset, to the user (”Client”). By availing the Service, the Client agrees to be bound by these terms and conditions. Please read this Agreement carefully before proceeding with the Pixieset Setup Service.


1. Scope of Service:

The Pixieset Setup Service is a limited-time, exclusive website setup service which can replicate the client’s Flothemes website on the Pixieset platform as accurate as possible or build a new website using the content, data, files, or other digital assets (“Content”) specified by the Client. The scope of the Service will be determined based on the information provided by the Client and the feasibility as assessed by the Provider.


2. Client Responsibilities:

The Client is responsible for ensuring that they have provided Flothemes with all the Content required for the website setup. The Client should provide accurate and complete information about requirements, including access credentials, URLs, and any necessary permissions as requested by Flothemes. The Client is also responsible for upgrading the Pixieset plan from free to Pro before the beginning of the setup.


3. Content Verification:

Flothemes will make reasonable efforts to populate the website in accordance with the information provided by the Client and verify the integrity and accuracy of the Content. However, the Client understands that some data discrepancies may occur during the website setup process depending on the provided Content from the client’s side.


4. Service Timeline:

The Service’s timeline will be communicated to the Client by Flothemes. Flothemes will dedicate one-month period to implement and launch the new website, with a preview of the website within 10 business days. While Flothemes will make reasonable efforts to adhere to the agreed-upon timeline, any delays caused by technical issues, platform limitations, or Client-related feedback delays, may result in putting the Service on hold and further cancelation of it.


5. Platform Limitations:

Flothemes will inform the Client in case there are any limitations or restrictions with regards to Client’s request. Flothemes will not be held responsible for any issues the Client should encounter with the platform.

5.1 Blog Post Limitation

The WordPress platform employs a distinct structure for the URLs of blog posts. For instance, a WordPress blog post link carries a URL format such as: On the Pixieset platform, the URL adopts an alternative configuration: Users who were provided with such links, whether shared privately or through social media channels, will encounter difficulty in accessing the content. This challenge arises from the altered structure of the domain URL. The absence of an available redirection feature underscores the necessity to re-share these links following the launch of the new Pixieset website.

Upon the launch of your Pixieset website, it is highly recommended that you submit a crawl request to Google for the purpose of indexing the new URLs. This action is necessary due to the fact that, in search results, the blog posts will continue to exhibit the former WordPress URL structure, rendering inaccessible content.

It is important to acknowledge that the indexing process by Google might span several weeks before the changes are fully reflected. Thus, it is advised to submit the crawl request promptly upon the website’s launch to expedite the indexing procedure.


6. Intellectual Property:

The Client acknowledges that they own or have the necessary rights to the Content being migrated. Flothemes does not claim ownership of the Content but may require limited rights to perform the Service.


7. Refusal of service

Flothemes will require input, approval, or feedback from the Client during the website setup process. If Flothemes requests such input and does not receive a response from the Client within 10 days, Flothemes reserves the right to suspend the website setup. Flothemes shall not be held liable for any consequences arising from such delays due to lack of responsiveness.


8. Termination of Service:

The Pixieset Setup Service will automatically terminate within 31 days (one month), regardless of the completion status. Flothemes is not obligated to renew the Service, and the decision to do so will be based on resource availability.


9. Notice of Termination:

The Provider will notify the Client via e-mail at least seven (7) days before the scheduled termination of the Service. The Client will be responsible for ensuring that any required data retrieval or backup is completed before the termination date.


10. Assist Post-Termination:

Following the termination of the Pixieset Setup Service, any questions or further issues related to the platform, should be addressed by the Client with Pixieset support via available support channels.

By proceeding with the website setup process, the Client acknowledges and accepts the terms related to service termination and non-renewal as outlined in this Agreement.


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