Get a Head Start with your New Site
Need help with the technical part of starting a new site? With our simple setup package we'll install WordPress on your Hosting and Setup the theme demo of choice, so it's ready for you to add content and customize.

Who is this package for?

Our simple installation package is great for those of you starting with a fresh site.
For those with existing websites, this package won’t be enough. If you’re switching platforms
or moving from one WordPress theme to another and need help withsetting up and styling your pages,
adjusting your content to the new design – it’s best to use our Advanced or Pro package.

Simple Installation
Start A New WordPress Site
Start: 2 Days
Duration: 2 Days

Get your new site set up and ready.


Our simple installation package is great for new website owners.
We will install*, your theme and then add the demo content of your choice,
to offer you a solid head start and give you a detailed overview on how your new website works.
Once it’s set up, we’ll hand it over to you, have an intro call to explain what has been implemented
and what are the next steps, so you can start adding your content and styling your new site!

*You will require your own hosting package to get started.

Note! Themes are sold separately.

Package includes:

  •  WordPress installation
  •  Theme Installation
  •  Demo Setup
  • Intro Call x 45 min screen sharing session

After set up, we will share any login details and you can start updating and adding content to your site.

Select payment options:

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One time purchase
Learn more about the simple installation process in 4 easy steps.
Complete Setup Form

After purchasing the simple setup service, you’ll be sent 3 emails. You’ll find one with a setup form to complete. Complete the form, and add as much detail as possible so we can set up your site. Once the form has been submitted, the team will review and reach out within 24 hours to confirm all details are in order. If there is any vital information missing we will request it then. We will also provide a time frame on when you can expect us to complete the set up.

WordPress Installation

Stage 2 we will install WordPress on your new or existing hosting ready to install your new Flotheme.

Theme & Demo Setup

Once WordPress has been installed, we will setup your new theme and add the demo version of your choice.

Handover & Content Addition

Once we have completed the initial setup, we’ll do a handover + a 45 minutes intro call, with a screen sharing session, to offer you an in-depth overview on your new website and how everything works. This call allows you to get a great understanding on how to proceed with updating your content, styling your pages and preparing your new website for launch.
Now it’s your turn. Remove the content you don’t need and start adding your own content to fill up your new site, with the help of our documentation and video tutorials.

Lets start a conversation

You need a website but aren’t sure what package to take? Complete these questions and we will get right back to you with the options that make sense for you.

  • If you have a site please share the link
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