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Critique Package
Starts within 3 business days
Is your message clear? How many potential customers might not be connecting with you because of simple things? Have you reviewed or improved your brand message and site often? Does your site share the clarity and value your clients expect?
Package Includes:
Exclusive Site Review
1 Hour Site Training Call
Website Clarity Checklist
Exclusive Video Training on Site Positioning
$100 Credit off any Flothemes Template
Improvement Package
Starts within 3 business days
Dive into a Brand Consultation followed by a site Critique that includes working with our team to Implement all improvements and changes.
Package Includes:
Brand Positioning Call
Exclusive Site Review by Flothemes Founder, Ross Tanner
Theme Feedback Changes Implementation
Website Clarity Checklist
Exclusive Video Training on Site Positioning
$100 Credit off any Flothemes Template
How it works

How do I submit Information?

Fill out a Getting Started Submission Form once you complete your package order. Guidelines and Instructions will be provided.


Will I receive directions on how to make updates?

We will provide links to online tutorials to help you locate where and how to make website changes. With the Improvement Package, our team makes the edits and changes for you except on flex block options.

How Long are Help Calls?

Calls last up to an hour.

What does a Brand Consultation Call involve?

A Brand Consultation is a dive into your business messaging. It helps provide communication clarity on your site setup, its structure, including content and wording.


After having a look around I decided to go with Flothemes as I find there themes super easy to build. Due to being crazy busy, I paid for the installation which was awesome! The whole process was really smooth and so easy to do! I’m totally stoked with how my site turned out and would recommend this to anyone!

Agnes Black
From day one of signing up with Flothemes, until this very day I’ve been blown away by the incredible customer support I’ve received. George in particular has been so helpful in troubleshooting things that came up throughout the process.
Thank you Flothemes for helping me bring my vision to life!
Ori Smaja

The whole team were responsive and super helpful when I needed further guidance, and I’m so thankful for their help. George was accommodating and flexible when scheduling our screen sharing session and answered all my questions patiently and knowledgeably. I highly recommend Flothemes to anyone who might be looking for a website upgrade!! “

Blair Inkster

After a lot of research, I chose to go with Flothemes. Their templates do everything I need out of the box and it’s easy to install and customize. Ross and his team have been so helpful and I can’t say enough good things about them and their customer service.

Jonas Peterson

Setting up the site was easy along with the customizations from our Advanced Set Up. Throughout the process we gained confidence with our abilities to know that we will definitely stand out in a competitive market. We can’t wait to attract more clients and help them tell their story regarding such an important day in their lives: their wedding day.

Payal Patel

I’ve never worked with WordPress before, so you can imagine how lost I was in this world. They knew exactly which direction I wanted to go with and what vibes I wanted to generate with the website. The final result exceeded my expectations!  I’m super happy with the website and got super positive feedback.

Maciej Suwalowski
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