Is your
message clear?
How many potential customers may not be connecting with you because of simple website mistakes that can be changed in a few minutes? Have you reviewed or improved your brand message and website often? Does your site share the clarity and value your clients expect? Setting up a website is an accomplishment, investing to make sure your business is presented in the best possible way - is priceless.

The critique package is for you if..

  • You are not a web pro, and insight and direct advice is incredibly useful.
  • You’ve setup your site yourself and are unsure of how things work, connect or convert.
  • You’re ready to take your business to the next level and want to review your site first.
  • You are proud of your current site, but you know it can be better.
  • You would love to do a custom site in the future, but for now making the most of your current site is necessary.
  • Your site has not seen much change and you know that it does not reflect you or your business anymore.
Site Critique Package
Let us help you get the most out of your Website
Start: 3 Days
Duration: Up to 7 Working Days

Once you complete and submitted your collection form, we’ll schedule a call to go over your website presentation, structure and messaging.

Our team will then create a video explanation summary with a Clarity Checklist on practical things you should do to improve your website. Everything will be accompanied with reference links on how you can achieve that.

This package is suited for those who want to enhance their site from a professionals perspective or wonder what can be improved to make their site highly convertible.

Package includes:

  • Exclusive Site Review
  • 1 Hour Site Training Call
  • Website Clarity Checklist
  • Exclusive Video Training on Site Positioning
  • $100 Credit off any Flothemes Template

Service is valid for up to 10 weeks from purchase date.

Select payment options:

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One time purchase
Ross– amazing feedback, thank you! I think I got a lot of value from your review, and will take some of your suggestions to make some changes in a few areas… Funneling traffic, bundling things like wedding galleries/testimonials/etc together, and some design tips too. So very appreciated!
Shawn Moreton

Thanks a lot for the critique…I found it incredibly helpful and made some changes within the hour of watching it through twice! It was also very informative to watch the critique of other’s too…thanks again Flo! 

Ian MacMichael
Ross, thank you so very much for the review. Thank you for making it personalized. You and your team have been so amazing throughout this entire process. The way you give value to us makes me want to work my ass off. Thank you your continual investment in us, I will surely keep investing right back.
Calvina Yang Nguyen
We aim to make things simple for you.
Complete Your Oder

After purchasing this package you will receive several help materials with exclusive tips on how to get the most out of your site user experience and presentation. You will also receive a link to a collection form that allows us to have more context about you, what you offer, your clients and your goals from the site. This allows us to provide you with a more detailed and thoughtful review video that is relevant to how you do business. 

The Review

We’ll create a video review of your website and share a private login for you to check both the video and our suggested notes. 

Action Steps

As changes will always be required we will guide you through the process with direct links to tutorials and tools that you can use to implement the suggestions and recommendations that we create for you.

Final Review

We care for each client’s success for their business. Once you have implemented all changes to your site, we request that you re-share what you updated and revised so we can celebrate together!

Lets start a conversation

You want help with clarifying your message or website positioning but aren’t sure what package to take? Complete these questions and we will get right back to you with the options that make sense for you.

  • If you have a site please share the link
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